2011 Pro Wakeboard Tour Kicks Off In Acworth, Georgia This Weekend




The Pro Wakeboard Tour, the largest and most highly regarded professional wakeboarding circuit, starts off its 20th Season this weekend at Dallas Landing Park on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia, marking its fifth appearance at the venue in the last six years.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Greater Metro Atlanta lake scene, Lake Allatoona is the home lake for us Ambush Boarding Co./BuyWake.com kids.  And…Dallas Landing Park is literally in ABC/BW.com owner, Chuck Morrow’s, backyard.

Yep.  The Pro Wakeboard Tour is coming back to our stomping grounds.

Needless to say, we at BuyWake.com are pretty darn hyped about the event.  I mean…not only do we get to show the world’s wakeboarding elite how we do it here in The Dirty, but we also get to revel in the additional exposure being brought to our hometown scene.  Plus…we’re all going to be getting paid to hang out on the lake all day while taking in the best riding in the world…as well as some serious bikini-clad talent along the shores.  Who knows…maybe…we’ll be allowed to desert the event site for a little bit to take part in some of the debauchery going down on the dozens of boats that are expected to be anchored mere feet from where the event is being towed?

Another thing is that, following the conclusion of the actual contest itself on on Saturday, the Pro Tour will be hosting two exhibition events on site, including a Double Up Contest and a Big-Air Kicker Contest…both of which are designed to feature select athletes performing mind-blowing, innovative new tricks that aren’t normally attempted in a traditional contest setting.

In addition to all of the on-water action, there’s going to be plenty going on on the beach as well (besides the constant ebb and flow of fine looking women wearing nothing much at all, of course).  On land, fans will enjoy plenty of food, athlete autograph signings, giveaways, interactive live music, and shopping.  Speaking of shopping, you all had better come by out booth and pay us a visit.  We’re all about getting out there in the community and hanging out with our people…and would love to chill with you for a minute or two.

Lastly, I just want to say that I will be throwing my support behind, Global Rider Search v.2 Winner, Scott Stewart.  This will be Scott’s first ever Pro Wakeboard Tour event…and I’m pulling for him to take the top spot.

Check out the video below for footage of last year’s event…and to get an idea of what to expect this weekend.


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