2014 Pro Wakeboard Tour Acworth Georgia

Summer for us is always kicked off with the first stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour at Dallas Landing in Acworth, Georgia.   The Tour always brings out the best in Acworth every year.  It  introduces wakeboarding to people and families.  We have so many people stop by the Ambush and BuyWake.com tent asking our team about ways to get involved in wakeboarding.  The beach and shoreline is filled with all different kinds of people, whether it’s their 5th year in a row being out there to families stumbling across the contest by accident on a random Saturday.  Not only is there a great turn out on the beach, but the city of Acworth puts on an amazing block party in the heart of downtown every year.  They have so much going on into the night with live bands, food and booze stands along with all the restaurants putting on amazing specials.  Each year the city of Acworth throws down a solid job of hosting the first stop of the tour.

This year, unfortunately, the event started off a bit dicey with cool temperatures and scattered rain storms.  Eventually, the bad weather passed and the beach starting filling out with onlookers.  Thankfully, the sun came out so EJ could drive my promo partner, Jami and me out to the floatilla that forms just outside of the contest run area to check out the party.  Once we got out there, it was absolutely crazy!  We started throwing promo packs to all the people on the boats.  In return, they started launching jello shots and beers back at us.  We had BuyWake.com friend and photographer, Andrew Burn, out with us shooting video and snapping pictures.  When the camera was pointed at all the partiers, they went absolutely insane.  Whether it was them pouring liquor all over their faces, to chicks popping things out and dudes jumping after us off the boats, it was as awesome as it could get.

BuyWake.com team rider, Harley Clifford, killed it throughout the contest, but absolutely blew everyone away with his perfectly executed run in the finals against Rusty Malinoski, Tony Carroll, Tony Iacconi, Steel Lafferty, and Shota Tezuka.  Harley scored a 94.67 with Rusty on his heels with a 92.50.  Not only was Harley boosting massive airs with some of the most technical tricks but he was also flawlessly hitting the rails and locking into everything.  It always makes us proud at BuyWake.com to have our rider and friend sitting at the top of the podium.

Andrew Burn captured all of the madness out on the water in his video and I must say, it perfectly displays the pure awesomeness.  Check out the video and some pictures taken by our own Lane Jordan.




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