2015 Ronix Dealer Days – Recap

Another successful dealer days in the books!

Perfect Washington weather hovering around the mid-70’s, hallowed grounds at Radar Lake, and an exclusive insight to the 2015 Ronix Line.  What more could you ask for?

Chopper Dave Radar Lake
Chopper Dave Radar Lake

This year I got to take John “Bubba” Goza – our Trip to Radar Lake Sweepstakes Winner – up with me.  The Ronix Crew and myself included couldn’t have been luckier to spend a few awesome days with such a solid dude.  It truly was an honor to get to know Bubba and to ride with him.

Bubba and I got into Seattle late Thursday night and since we are both East Coast guys, we were up at the butt crack of dawn the next morning – ready to hear about the new gear and go straight into riding it.  We were about 3 hours early to breakfast, but I got my bowl of Lucky Charms cereal to start off the day – haha.

After Paul O’Brien (Ronix Owner) gave us the 2015 presentation, we went straight to the water to start riding.

Bubba on Radar Lake Dock
Bubba on Radar Lake Dock

After Bubba had a chance to demo a good grip of the 2015 product, he jumped on a 2015 Ronix Bandwagon Air Core and completely slayed it!  Even threw down a few tricks he hadn’t landed before.  Bubba came off the water a true believer in what camber can do.  You should give it a shot too!

Bubba catching Air
Bubba catching Air

Speaking of “Camber”, that is what I came back with from the 2014 Dealer Days – camber was last season’s game changer.  This year, it’s “Boots”.  Ronix has completely revamped their boots from the ground up and focused on what we all need to first when it comes to our set ups, our feet.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Ronix’s new “fit” through their Brainframe Technologies design is going to change how you look at how a boot should feel around your foot…forever.

The rest of the line looks great as well.  Along with significant improvements in Ronix’s boot line, they are dropping a few new revised shapes and cores throughout the line as well as a few new boards for both Boat and Cable riding.  Surfers are on point again as well!  We got to swing over to Lake Sammamish, WA and get some time out on the water.

I got to carve around on the ’15 Ronix Carbon PowerTail while Bubba went after the new ’15 Ronix Koal Simmer.  Check out it out!

Billy Sammamish Slaysh
Billy Sammamish Slaysh
Bubba Sammamish
Bubba Sammamish Carve

Stay tuned for all the new 2015 Ronix product to start dropping here at BuyWake.com in September.  You don’t want to miss what’s coming!  I’ll leave you with a picturesque sunset from Radar…

Radar Lake Sunset
Radar Lake Sunset

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