2018 Hyperlite Shreducation Clinic

What do you do when Hyperlite wants you to take a few days off work, come down to Florida, and attend this years Shreducation?  YOU GO!

We packed up the truck early and ripped out of ATL around 5:00 AM for a quick stop in Valdosta to slap hi fives with the homies at Valdosta Wake Compound.  If you get a chance to swing through, make sure you’ve got your board with you because this place needs to be on your bucket list!
We landed in Orlando around 2:00 PM and were able to squeeze in a little round of golf on the front 9 with Jeff Langley and Marc Rossiter.  Thanks for the laughs, fellas.  We look forward to a full round of golf with you guys soon!

Fast forward to 5:00 PM and we pull into Orlando Watersports Complex, the hub of pretty much all cable riding in Orlando.  Talk about being BLOWN OUT!  White caps everywhere, but it wasn’t enough to keep folks from ripping!

Day 1

Hyperlite kicked things off with cable riding and a little “meet and greet” for everyone to get to know who was attending Shreducation.

After a powwow about what was to come over the next few days, we were able to crack some cold ones and chow down on some tasty pizza.  Much needed after being on the road and getting some laps in at O-Dub.

Day 2

We got to have a nice surf session with other retailers in our territory testing the ’’18 surf lineup, as well as Hyperlite’s Varial surf shapes!  Later on that afternoon we sat in on a product clinic from Hyperlite’s Brand Manager Tom Curtin and Varial’s Brand Manager Parker Borneman.  Thank you guys so much for going through the line with us, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Day 3

We packed up early and headed South towards Satellite Beach and paid a visit to the mad scientist’s workshop.  He’s the man behind several iconic board shapes from Hyperlite/Byerly: Scott “Butch” Bouchard.

We got to witness what goes into laying up a wakeboard from start to finish.  Believe it or not, that shiny wakeboard under your feet has SO MUCH going on under the graphic.  We’re thankful for the passion Butch and the other shapers put into what we get to ride.  Mad respect, homies!

Biggest take-away we got from Hyperlite’s Shreducation 2018: FUN.
They are a brand focused on fun and trying to put a board under your feet that compliments your riding style and push you to be a better rider.

We’re looking forward to continuing to do big things with Hyperlite!  Stay tuned for something really unique starting in May!



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