A True One-of-A-Kind Ronix Wakeboard

Welcome Facebookers, Twitter aficionados and YouTubers!!! Contest. Check. Piece of Ronix Wake History. Check. BuyWake.com fans ready for some fun. Check! Let’s get started.

Believe it or not, we have been cooking up this contest for a while now. You see, a portion of the team wanted to make it a “Twitter Contest”, while a stray few (like myself) wanted to keep it here on our – Center of the Wakeboards Universe – wake blog. So we kind of went Hybrid with a Facebook/Twitter/Blog contest. Wait don’t go! I know what you’re thinking…this is going to be super complicated. Really…it’s as simple as putting your toes in the water.

For real. We are making this easy. If you follow us on Twitter like most of you already do, then tweet us like this –> @buywakeofficial #BuyWake & tell us you want the Ronix Wakeboard. If you’re way behind the times and have never heard of or attempted to “Tweet” we have you covered, too.

Let’s go back to school for a minute. Remember all those little stories you told about how your sibling ate your shorts with the homework assignment in them? Maybe how your psycho boyfriend/girlfriend sold your new wakeboard to get back at you. Just leave us a ridiculous comment below about why you should win a true piece of Ronix history.

Here is a hint: You can double your chances of winning by doing both, comment below and tweet us like this –>@buywakeofficial #BuyWake! Good Luck!

No Purchase Necessary! Contest Ends September 23 2011 12:00a.m E.S.T!

32 Replies to “A True One-of-A-Kind Ronix Wakeboard”

  1. Long story, made shorter. Wakeboarding injury in 2008 left me with no cartilage on back of my knee cap(freak injury for wakeboarding, per my doc.) Doc stated I would not be able to repair my knee and I could forget wakeboarding, EVER AGAIN! I am now back! With lots of hard work and my GREAT DonJoy knee brace, I am back wakeboarding! BAD NEWS! My wakeboard and boots are over 10 years old and dry rotted, I am a real estate broker and “broker” than ever. Please help me stop borrowing my buddies board. Thanks for your time!

  2. I need that bored cause I gave in to my friends bs about how I could land a tantrum no problem it was as easy as doing a backroll . Well a couple of beers later I decided I could well me and the budlite were wrong knocked my shoulder out of place twisted my already bad knee more would have had a way worse headache but I was wearing my protech helmet I got from you guys . But worst of all I broke my 2010 atr one in half so not a good way to end a dAy. So if y’all would like to make to the flyest guy on the lake in good ole Alabama just send that board to 459 7th ave sw graysville al 35073

    Thanks one sad wakeboarder …

  3. Hadn’t wake boarded since I was 16, and I am 29 now. All of a sudden I am surrounded by friends with boats. My best friend doesn’t wake board but his wife does, and she has a really small pair of moon boots on it, and I tore one trying to get my big foot in it… So I have been borrowing my other friend’s 140cm Hyperlite, which also has boots that are too small, but I can at least get my foot in them. I am paying off boocoos of student loans right now ($800) a month, and I can’t afford a new board right now. I am trying to save up and buy one during christmas, and Ronix are the boards I have been looking at! I have improved a lot over the summer, and can only imagine how much better I would be if I had a board that fit!

  4. Oh man, look as it goes, its hard enuf for a girl to get ahead and learn in this sport! Wakeboarding is really the first sport that has ever lit me up to keep pushing forward. No matter how bad the crash, no matter how sore i am, when saturday rolls around i can hear the whine of the boat engine and feel the wind and water on my face! Every saturday i try to jump higher and farther; i wont give up! I may not be much now, but God willing, one day i will be able to do all those awesome tricks i see the professionals doing. Its just gonna take me a little longer to get there…. I LOVE WAKEBOARDING! – Shaun

  5. Most people would say their dog has attacked their board, my dog has taken my old LF STATE and is now attacking the wake with it. Worst part is she pops wayyy better than me and doesn’t put in for fuel money. I need that RONIX to get back out there and show the canine world that humans are the true kings of the wakeboarding scene, but their always welcome to drive or spot if we are short in the boat…..

  6. My son broke his board and I bought a new one so that he could still compete in a contest. He later took over the new board and my younger son has taken over the Ronix Mana. I need a new board of my own.

  7. So, I have a really cool friend friend I recently met. He says, “Hey, you want to try wakeboarding?” I say, “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to try!” I tried it…loved it…and two weeks later I bought a board through you guys which is being shipped right now. The only problem is…my friend no longer has his wakeboard anymore because he sold it a while back since he didn’t have anybody to wakeboard with. He actually bought his board through you guys and recommended you guys to me. So, now he doesn’t have a wakeboard to go out ride with me and doesn’t have the money to get one now. Since he introduced me to this awesome sport, I would love to win a wakeboard for him. Thanks!

  8. I’ve been taking out friends from town for quite some time now, just out on saturdays for a few runs. I brought along a buddy one time that had been snowboarding but had never tried. He has come out with me for the last 2 months of summer and uses my board. And He just keeps getting better. When i asked him why he hadn’t bought a board yet, he said “Dude, I live in a family of 6, my parents couldn’t afford it. And there is no way i could pay for a board and a education.” He’s loving the sport and wants to get into it, so I though this might help. He would definitely love a wakeboard.

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    1. my brother just got into wakeboard too. The wakeboards in thailand are soooo expensive and this board would help us alot!!!!!

  10. im 13 have been wakeboarding for two years now basically what this board would mean to me and why i need it is because i was going for a 360 on my best mates board chipped my tooth swallowed it then got back up landed the 360 got back on to the boat and was so excited that i smashed his board in two now he wants a new board or 500 euro before the end of the summer so i DEFO WOULD KEEP THIS BOARD MYSELF

  11. I want this board because…. 1) have you seen it? It’s awesome looking. 2) I’m in dire need of a new board, my ’07 Ronix One is cracking everywhere on the board from having tons of falls and the boots pulling so hard on the board. I let my friends use my board a lot, also, so it gets a ton of use. 3) I’ve always wanted a brand new board but never had the money to buy one.

  12. I’m the guy with no boat, but my brother and brother inlaw have WB boats. So a couple of bucks and I ride all day,but I had a new Ronix Ibex everyone wanted to ride. I love that board it stepped up my game. Till I let my buddy keep it over night, he left it on the boat some thought they needed it more. So long story short I started with a board Ronix of course and I had no boat. Now I have neither what a way to live by the lake. Ps all my board were bought at Buywake or Ambush!

  13. Both mine and my fiance’s ronix boards were stolen from our boat a couple of weeks ago and winning this B.A. board would definatly help out!

  14. Well i would love to have this wakeboard. A wakeboard like this would be awesome. I have have an old liquid force trip and i really want a board that is awesome on the water like this board. So i would love to have this bored because it would be an experience of a lifetime for me to ride a better board than a old liquid force trip board.

  15. I have been riding the same board for the past 4 summers… I recently developed a knack for landing backrolls… Long story short the other day I was huckin’ some of those backrolls & cased one hard & broke my board… Needless to say I am unable to purchase a new one & would love to own a piece of Ronix Wake history.

    PS – I live in Washington the home of Ronix Wake… If that doesn’t qualify me then I don’t know what will

  16. I dont have a cool backroll board break story or an injury story but I just want a wakeboard because I just recently joined the Iowa State University Wakeboard Club and team and I just dont have a board. the previous boards I used I had to rent from Bull Shoals Lake Boatdock and just arent up to par with what I want to do on them. I would love getting a new Ronix Wakeboard and using it to better myself and my team this season and seasons to come! Thanks Buywake.com.

  17. Well, it was too cold for wakeboading on the lake in early spring, so i had the bright idea wakeboarding in a ditch after a heavy rain storm one day. Being towed behind a quad by my brother, i thought it was a great idea. That was Until I caught a tree branch sticking out and faceplanted in the mud. So my board is now chipped and scratched, and i would Love a new board to pay my brother back for the damage i did to his board.

  18. So long story short. I decided to come home early from work one day only to find my girlfriend riding my wakeboard on the couch. I knew she had been up to something, but making love to my O’brien Cartel behind my back? I felt angry and cheated so I packed up my stuff. I was just leaving the house when she said that I wouldnt be able to find another board as good as mine, -the one I caught her with. I need this one of a kind Ronix board to settle the score and prove to her that I can get any board I want! She needs to know I deserve better.

  19. Long story short. I decided to come home an hour early from work one day, only to find my girlfriend riding MY wakeboard on the couch. I had a hunch that something was going on, but making love to my Obrien Cartel behind my back? I felt used and cheated, so I left her. On my way out she let me know that I didnt have the skills to ride a different board. I NEED this one of a kind Ronix board to prove to her that I deserve better! I need this Ronix to show her that I can ride anyboard that I find!

  20. Okay I need this!

    I was wakeboarding this summer, and broke my board. How? I was jumping over everything: blimps, airplanes, houses, boats – you name it. I was going out for a big finish – the helicopter. I jumped off that wake, got some good pop, and headed toward that copter. I made it up and over, and on my way down my board was cut in half. I need a new one! I need to try it again! My friend said that if I can land it he will give me $5! I need that money!

    Thanks BuyWake!


  21. I can always use a new wakeboard!
    I got to go a bunch this summer and it was awesome!
    Mine is a bit too big for my son and he could use it to.

  22. I should get this sick board because i love wakeboarding and one time i came home found out that my boards were missing and my friends had borrowed them for vacation and ripped the boards up and they were a little junky.

  23. I haven’t wakeboarded since june and it is killing me i won’t to go sooo bad. I have to use my uncles silver Ronix “p.s. Ronix is the best kind of board out there”

  24. I want the Ronix board because my boyfriend is going on a trip with the bros. He just recently broke his board but doesn’t really have the money to afford a new one right now. Wakeboarding is his life. Would love to win this for him!

  25. my 400 pound ex-girlfriend got on my old board and broke my baby in half… hence why she’s my ex-girlfriend now. please hook me up with this sick and solid ronix board. can’t help that i like more to hold on too… i know ronix will hold up my future girlfriend.

    board for LIFE,

  26. I shred in the northern USA and I get out for a few months every year. As a college student my income limits me on gear. I am from ND and rip wake in MN waters. I’ve had my setup for 5 years and desperately need a new setup. Ronix has a solid new line every year and this year is no different. Whoever wins will be forever stoked.

  27. At the beginning of the year I bought the Ronix Phoenix Project board. I fell in love with it! Parks Bonifay was at Lake Eufala for a Ronix demo earlier this year. I got him to sign my board between the bindings and it looked awesome! Almost too good to ride. With that being my only board, I rode it anyways. A couple of weeks ago I was boarding on the river right after a storm. We all know how money the water is after a storm! I cut wide to nail a raley and ended up hitting a submerged tree branch. there is now a big gouge on the bottom, and a crack running from tail to nose. It’s under warranty still but due to the fact its signed by Parks, I’m not sending it in. It is definitely going on the wall. I would love to win this board to replace that one.

  28. Well, I unfortunately don’t have much of an awesome story like lots of the other people.. I would love to have this board so that I can start my new adventures on the lake (lake Jackson in Butts, GA) yeah I’m local to y’all so I would love to represent y’all on the lake with this board and some stickers

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