Aaron Rathy – The Tribute

Over the years, Canadian rider Aaron Rathy has proven himself a force on any discipline. Whether it be hitting moneybooters behind a G23 or pressing around OWC, Rathy is comfortable. Here’s an edit from Spencer Norris featuring Rathy at the helm, lighting up every feature he touches .

“I started this project a year ago with large intentions. Aaron Rathy and I had an elaborate story board, and covered all the bases as far as wakeboarding goes. Then my hard drive internally combusted and a years worth of footage was lost. It was a blow to the heart for the both of us and quite possibly the worst day of my career. This video represent the few pieces we were able to put back together. Thank you to Rathy for being a champion through this whole ordeal and showing me what it is to have true passion towards the sport you love.” – Spencer Norris

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