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2014 Pro Wakeboard Tour Acworth Georgia

Summer for us is always kicked off with the first stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour at Dallas Landing in Acworth, Georgia.   The Tour always brings out the best in Acworth every year.  It  introduces wakeboarding to people and families.  We have so many people stop by the Ambush and BuyWake.com tent asking our team about ways to get involved in wakeboarding.  The beach and shoreline is filled with all different kinds of people, whether it’s their 5th year in a row being out there to families stumbling across the contest by accident on a random Saturday.  Not only is there a great turn out on the beach, but the city of Acworth puts on an amazing block party in the heart of downtown every year.  They have so much going on into the night with live bands, food and booze stands along with all the restaurants putting on amazing specials.  Each year the city of Acworth throws down a solid job of hosting the first stop of the tour. Read More >

No Shave November

No Shave November!
No Shave November!

Gentleman, it’s that time of year again.  It’s time to wrap the charger up around your Norelco, stash the can of  “beard busting” Barbasol, and keep the $15 you would have used to buy a four-pack of replacement razor blades in the piggy bank.

Commence No Shave November!

Ahh, the time of year where men across the globe band together and take part in cultivating our facial canvases to let on lookers know WE ARE MEN…of the manliest sort.  All the while, supporting a good cause and helping educate our fellow men to take preventative measures against prostate and testicular cancer.

What is it? 

The goal is to start clean-shaven on November 1…and then hold on for the itchy ride until December 1st.   You let your facial hair do its thing for 30 days without interfering.   Any tampering or trimming of your facial hair will get you disqualified. Read More >

Harley Clifford & Friends Lake Jessamine

The pro’s gathered at Harley’s place on Lake Jessamine Orlando, FL. The gathering included Rusty Malinoski, Bob Soven, and Jeff McKee. But this video is all Harley Clifford. Of course we are going to post the latest from one of the wake scene’s hottest athletes. Take a peek at Harley showcasing some of his new 2012 gear.

The Danny Harf Project – Teaser #2

Danny Harf and crew set out over 3 years ago to produce the wakeboard film of the decade. With countless hours of labor in the project already, Defy will soon be in our shop. Teaser #2 was released just over a week ago and has already been viewed by almost 100K Defy faithful. This is pure testament of the demand for one of the most wildly popular guys in the wakeboarding industry today. Once we have the DVD/Blue-Ray Combo in stock, you will be the first to know!