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Case Study: BuyWake.com | Bolt

BuyWake.com | Bolt

The ease and speed of the one-click checkout process, along with the ability to create a Bolt account gave BuyWake customers an Amazon-like experience, Elliott shared. The creation of a Bolt account helps both customers and the business: customers get the advantage of a speedy, one-click checkout while the business gains insights into customer preferences and behaviors.

Since going live with Bolt, over 11,000 unique shoppers have created Bolt accounts on the BuyWake site and 19% are repeat customers. The checkout conversion rates have since risen to 68% compared to 40% for guest checkouts. READ MORE.

Midwest Water Sports acquires BuyWake.com and RedshiftWaterSports.com

Midwest Water Sports acquires BuyWake.com and RedshiftWatersports.com

Midwest Water Sports, a Minnesota based retailer and the home for the water sports-based eCommerce stores WaterSkis.com and WakeBoards.com announced the acquisition of BuyWake.com and RedshiftWaterSports.com. BuyWake.com was founded in Kennesaw, Georgia in 1997 and has been a leader in wakeboard focused water sports retail ever since. RedshiftWaterSports.com was added in 2019 to diversify sales into water skis, tubes, kneeboards, and related accessories.

Eric Sakowski, Midwest Water Sports General Manager states, “We have always admired BuyWake.com’s culture and respected their place in the water sports industry. We are excited to bring two of the largest water sports focused eCommerce organizations together. This combination will benefit the many past and future customers of all four web stores as well as local customers at our Minnetonka and Crystal Minnesota locations.” Read More >