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The Double Flip, The Process

Recently I achieved a lifelong goal of mine of stomping a double flip on a wakeboard.  It has always been something that had always been on my mind at the beginning of each season up until now.  Wakeboarding for me, and I feel like others as well, has always been one big mental challenge of getting yourself to commit to a trick, whether it be a board slide or a double flip.  Through hundreds of slams and new approaches to the trick, I was able to finally overcome the mental block that had been holding me back all this time.  I can say without a doubt that most of us wakeboarders can relate when I say that pushing yourself to commit to a new trick is the hardest part of the sport, and can be the sole reason that you don’t end up with the trick that you wished for. Read More >

The 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro Series Cable Finals

Photos by Chance Huffschmidt

It’s been a long time coming for an event like the Body Glove Moxie Pro Series. The amount of support and engagement for an all women competition like this has been absolutely incredible. Starting with the online submissions all the way to the championship stop at Terminus Wakepark, this series has been filled with some amazing riding that has shown the world that women’s cable riding has gained a new caliber of technicality and style.

Finals Podium: 1st Place - Jamie Lopina, 2nd Place - Rivers Hedrick, 3rd Place - Julia Rick
Finals Podium: 1st Place – Jamie Lopina, 2nd Place – Rivers Hedrick, 3rd Place – Julia Rick

Kicking off the final stop of the series, the day started off with plenty of activities including a Body Glove SUP morning yoga class, foods trucks, and free beer, which added some extra spice to the mix that made you reminisce about some of the pre-pandemic pro competitions that we all remember and love. As for the women in this contest, they knew the assignment and took it to a whole other level. You could tell from some of the practice sessions that the riders were pushing themselves and testing new lines to hopefully take home the gold. Aside from the competition itself, the level of support that each of the women competitors had for each other throughout the day was like nothing I have ever seen before. Win or lose, these women were cheering each other on and keeping the hype on the dock at an all-time high. Read More >