Spencer Norris 2013 Film Reel – ‘Wanderman’

I first heard of Spencer Norris back in 2007 when Robbie Carter slid his first full-length wake DVD into my Playstation II and said, “Watch this, it’s a video edited by my friend Spencer who’s going to do big things”. The movie was shot with a Sony VX-1000, it didn’t matter as Norris’s knack for editing was immediately apparent. He knew wakeboarding and knew how to make it look good. Riders took notice.

A year later I was granted the privilege of meeting Spencer at Derek Grasman’s old residence in Winter Haven, Florida, where we did some brief shooting. This kind of became his home base over the next two or three years as Norris infiltrated the wake scene. His talent opened up doors for shooting wakeboarding’s elite for various industry partners and publications. Read More >

Seven Essentials for BROstock 2014

It’s about the time of the year again where thousands of wake fans descend on the Midwest for the world’s most esteemed wake festivalBROstock. For 2014 Liquid Force has invited 26 of the world’s top wakeboarder’s to come battle it out in the Ozark Mountains for over $30,000 cash – one of wakeboarding’s most lucrative prize purses – in one of the most intense double up competitions of the year.

Being that Pabst Blue Ribbon a main sponsor of the event, BROstock comes complete with a mammoth lake party that rivals that of a Lake Lanier 4th of July.  The party alone brings with it a certain set of demands that, in order to keep the party going, one must be accommodated for. We’ve taken the liberty to list all the BROstock must-haves in one convenient place so that when you get to The Lake Of The O̶z̶a̶r̶k̶s̶ BROzarks, you’ll be ready to bro. Read More >

Daniel Grant – Seven Eleven Wakeskate edit by Andy Kolb

Andy Kolb was recently down at Thai Wake Park alongside young Liquid Force phenom, Daniel Grant, who decided he wanted to focus on wakeskating for the day. What ensued was a candy and potato chip fueled wakeskating fit that ended up being one of the most intense skate edits that we’ve ever seen. I can only imagine what Daniel’s scheming on his wakeboard these days…

Ollie up by Daniel Grant


More from Daniel’s 2014 Liquid Force Line

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It’s Liquid Force Month at BuyWake.com

The ides of May are approaching and at BuyWake that’s a big deal, bro! Let me tell you why: On top of the local Ambush Wake Classic, the grand opening of Terminus Wake Park, and the Acworth King Of Wake stop happening right in our backyard – it’s Liquid Force month.

For May we’ve put in some serious effort to deck out the site in all-things LF and will be putting constant shine on our favorite LF products and team riders throughout the month. We’re proud to be in a position to partner up with an iconic brand like LF, who easily has one of the longest and most consistent legacies in the industry.

From the Mini Squirt and the Trip of yesteryear, to the new Harley Clifford package, LF has always pushed the game in the right direction with their designs and graphics. Plus, it is no secret that they’ve held down one of the most diverse and overall talented groups of riders of d*amn near anyone. Here’s to kicking @ss! Read More >