Ballast Bags – More Weight, Bigger Wakes!

It’s officially spring (as of yesterday), so it’s time to get things in order for an epic 2017 season.  Go grab your ball hitch, back the truck up, and get the boat headed to the lake!  On your way down to the boat ramp, one thing to consider this year is how can you take your riding to the next level.  How about ballast?

We’re pretty sure that nine times out of ten, you automatically think about the gear you are riding – a new wakeboard, different bindings, a heavier wakeskate, a whole new surf shape, etc.  But, what about that big beauty you just dropped into the lake; YOUR BOAT!?
Makes sense right?!  More weight = bigger wakes!

Boat launch
Bombs away!

If you don’t have a ballast system that is factory installed and plumbed into your boat where everything is filled/drained by the flip of a switch, don’t fret.  You can still manually fill/drain sacs you have placed throughout your boat to achieve the best wake possible for your ride.

There are three main parts of the boat to think about when adding ballast; bow weight, center weight, and rear weight.
Since the engine is located in the middle to the rear of most boats, it’s always best to do about a 40/60 split of your arranged weight to the front and center/rear of the boat.  That engine already works to your favor with weighing that area of the boat down and helps give your wake width.  The 40% up front is to help drive the bow of the boat down and give your wake height/amplitude.  The more “vert” your wake has, the better upward pop you’re going to get.

Next thing to make sure you pick up along with your new ballast bag is a corresponding pump.  To keep things easy, we recommend going “like with like” branding with your ballast pump.  Keep it all within the same family so you can simply open your order, take out your new bag and pump, and get right to it.  Each ballast bag brand we carry has a pump to ensure their bags fill/drain quickly.  Less down time means more riding time!

Shawn Watson Nautique G23
All the goods…in all the right places.

When I started riding, I didn’t have access to a boat that had a system built into it, so we used ballast bags that we would arrange around our boat’s floor space and locker space to maximize our wake’s potential.  It totally paid off once I started advancing.  Bigger wakes help with amplitude and better hang time, allowing you the opportunity to dial in some of those tricks that have been eluding you behind a smaller wake.

Here are three easy scenarios you could pick up to get started.  These are some of the top-selling bags from each of the brands we carry.  Check them out below.

Straight Line SUMO Bow Sac and Ballast Pump Recommendation

SUMO Bow Sac
Straight Line SUMO Max 675 Lbs. Bow Ballast Bag
SUMO Max Flow Ballast Pump
Straight Line SUMO Max Flow Ballast Pump

Eight.3 Center Sac and Ballast Pump Recommendation

Eight.3 Telescope - Trapezoid Ballast CTN
Eight.3 Telescope – Trapezoid Ballast CTN (Silver) Ballast Bag
Eight.3 3700 GPH Submersible Pump
Eight.3 Submersible Pump 3,700 GPH 12 V DC 20 Amp Fuse Ballast Pump

Fly High Rear Locker Sac (Set) and Ballast Pump Recommendation

Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sac
Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sac (Set) (W701)
Fly High Pump
Fly High Pro X Tsunami Pump-Double Water Capacity Flow Ballast Pump (W709)

If you’ve already got an integrated ballast system and feel like you could use a little upgrade, we’ve got you covered too!  We can help you swap out your pre-installed factory bag(s) with something bigger for a better time behind your boat.

Mmmm…look at that perfect wake.  Just perfect.

Here at, we carry ballast options from three of the industry’s top trusted brands; Fly High, Straight Line SUMO, and Eight.3
Give us a call anytime Monday through Friday (9 AM-9 PM Eastern) at 800-709-9253 to speak to one of our Rider Experts.

Customer service on a different level’s Rider staff hard at work on your ballast setup!

We’re standing by and ready to help you dial in the best boat configuration to fit your needs/boat spacing.  Happy shredding!

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