Virtual Wake Exchange

With the current economic conditions being what they are…and with interest in the sport of wakeboarding as a whole seemingly on the decline over the past few years, we have been wanting to do something to really generate increased enthusiasm for the sport among our friends and customers.  Out of this notion came the Virtual Wake Exchange.

I know that, when I get new gear, I’m more hyped than ever to get out there and ride.  Unfortunately, our friends and customers largely haven’t really had the means to upgrade their rigs over the past several seasons.  And…those who have had a few dollars left over after the bills are paid each month are typically more inclined to put that money towards gas for the boat, PWC, or winch, leaving little left over for the latest and greatest new setup.

So…we thought that we would help them out a bit by putting together a trade-in program.

Initially, our thoughts were that we would ask that our friends and customers send their old boards, regardless of age, condition, etc., to us…and, upon receiving the trade-ins, would issue them a Promo Code in the amount of $50.00 to apply to the purchase of any wakeboard or Package Deal.  But, we didn’t want our customers to have to shoulder the cost of shipping wakeboards from points across the country to our Warehouse…which would diminish the value of the $50.00 credit.  So…we went the “virtual” route (I know that “virtual” is a somewhat outdated term, but it has such a nice ring to it).  Under the Virtual Wake Exchange, our customers simply have to submit an image of their old wakeboards accompanied by an image of the wakeboard being completely cut in half or otherwise destroyed via our Virtual Wake Exchange landing page.  Once their trade-ins are approved, our customers are sent their $50.00 Promo Codes via email.  No hassles, no worries…just an instant $50.00 off something that we know that our customers need, anyway.  They get a new wakeboard and a renewed sense of “stoke” for the sport of wakeboarding…and we get to sell someone a new wakeboard at a discounted price.  Everyone wins.


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