Harley Clifford | Hammers

Over half the tricks in this short video had never been executed ten years ago. Touché.

Trick List: (1.) crowmobe 720, (2.)backside 900,(3.) switch whirly dick,(4.) reg whirly dick, (5.) switch heel 900, (6.) switch toe 900,(7.) regular toe 900, (8.) back mobe 5.

Here’s a bit about Harley’s choice of board, bindings, and accessories. For detailed product descriptions be sure to visit the Liquid Force section of BuyWake.com.



Flex Boards (To Better Fit Your Workout)

The “flex board” phenomenon has picked up tremendous momentum over the past five years. Lately, with opinion leaders like Shawn Watson, Gabe Lucas, Jeff Mckee, and Kevin Henshaw giving their nod of approval to these nontraditional boards, one can’t ignore the potential of flex. I personally have not ridden a traditionally constructed wakeboard since the Fall of 2007, back when only one or two major brands had fully committed to the idea of manufacturing a flexible wakeboard.

Fast forward to 2012 and almost every major wakeboard manufacturer offers some kind of flex board in their line up with applications ranging from solely hitting sliders (like the early Hyperlite Roam series) to charging the wake fast and hard (like the new 2012 Slingshot Lyman). Here’s a quick guide to contrast some of the most prominent flex boards on the market for 2012. Read More >

Behind the Scenes @ BuyWake.com

Although BuyWake.com is a virtual store, the process is about as real as it gets. Every employee we staff is completely committed to bringing you the best service and quality possible. Here’s a quick look into our world; the world of BuyWake.com




Meet Moe. He doesn’t speak much but can be a great listener. He gets locked up from time to time…but so do all the greats (MLK, Weezy, etc.). He recently picked up playing the harmonica.





Processing superstar Jordan Smith and House Videographer Max Yoder being guided by Creative Marketing Director Derek Davis (@SGT_Diamond). Check our Youtube HERE!




This Franchise is waiting patiently to be boxed… much like the way Jimmy used to on the starting dock in Kelowna, BC. Read More >

2012 Miss Reef Calender Shoot

In the past, Reef sandals have been to wakeboarding what Vans shoes are to skateboarding; sole mates. Reef has been around to support the sport and its athletes since the very beginning. One image that sticks out in my mind is when Scott Byerly won the worlds in 1993 with a huge “Reef Brazil” sticker on his board. Scott still rides for Reef if that tells you anything.

So, every year when Reef releases their new “Miss Reef Calendar”, wakeboarders everywhere drop what they are doing to thumb through the pages. Here’s a bit about what this tradition means to Reef.

“The Miss Reef Calendar is an annual tradition that sets out to capture the essence of the Reef Brand; exotic beach locations, mesmerizing women and truly iconic Reef imagery that has been treasured by the surfing community for the past 25 years.” Read More >