Welcome to C-SIDE

C-SIDE was started as a joke by my friends and I at the cable park a few years ago. Since then, we have started to push each other and other local riders to do their best. Here is some of the crew.

Jackson Kauffman:

Jackson Kauffman riding the cable park

Funny thing is, C-SIDE started out as a joke, but has now become something far more than that. From the painful crashes, late nights editing, and the hard work to help make things happen, it’s become something that keeps me stoked to keep pushing myself in wakeboarding. The guys we have on our team are some of my closest homies, and all have come to achieve the same vision of what we want to create. Stay tuned for what C-SIDE has to offer in the future; it’s going to be big.

Todd Allen:

Todd with the one footer in the hallway at Elevated Wake Park

C-SIDE is the gang. C-SIDE is the group of people that got me into wakeboarding. The kids in C-SIDE aren’t my friends; they’re my family. We aren’t the best riders in the U.S. and certainly not the best riders in the world, but we have fun. A lot of people take themselves too seriously, and you certainly won’t find that here. C-SIDE is not about doing the same competition line 800 times or crying and pitching a fit if you don’t get first place in the novice division of a meaningless regional competition. C-SIDE is about growing the sport, getting as many people into riding as we can. Honestly, C-SIDE is about doing whatever we want and not what we don’t, on and off the water. We had a blast filming at the home park these last couple of weeks, and I hope that shows in our videos. Enjoy, get on the water, find your crew, and do whatever YOU want to do. Read More >

Get the Shot with Rod Winner – Hudson Gentry

We developed the coolest wakeboard contest ever: Get the Shot with Rod!

After reviewing all of the submissions, Hudson Gentry was selected as the winner and Hyperlite put Rodrigo Donoso on an airplane to shoot with Hudson on Lake Hickory in North Carolina. Not only is Rod an amazing photographer, he’s also a great judge of character, and after the shoot was super impressed with Hudson. When Rod labels you a cool dude, it’s high praise in the world of wake. Rod said he really enjoyed his time with Hudson and his family.

Born on the 4th of July in 2009, Hudson began wakeboarding at age 5 on Lake Hickory. Ever since, he’s been a huge fan of the sport always looking forward to his next adventure on the water. Hudson entered his first competition in 2018 at the Fire in the Core event, hosted by SouthTown Watersports on Lake Norman in Mooresville. Competition definitely grabbed Hudson’s attention and he’s been accumulating podium finishes ever since. Hudson competed in the Jr. Boys division early on and is now in the Boys 10-13 Anything Goes division. It’s one of the most exciting divisions to watch on the WWA wakeboard circuit. The level at which these groms ride is incredible. Read More >

2019 Alliance ROTY: Year of the Pizza Boi

How about them apples…I mean pie slices?!

Massi Piffaretti: BuyWake.com Team Rider and Alliance ROTY

Damn, this could not have gone to a better rider, better influence on our sport, or better person in general.  All your hard work on and off the water paid off, Massi.

We had our hearts set on Massi (for obvious reasons), but it’s really inspiring to hear all of Massi’s peers rallying behind such a great rider as well.

Massi had an incredible year coming off a pretty gnarly injury, and you can tell that, as soon as he received the “clear to ride” from his doctor, Massi was ready to go to work.  And, THAT HE DID!

It’s undeniable that you are a threat behind the boat and have an incredible style that continually leaves jaws on the floor when you ride, but BRUH…let’s talk about your winching and cable skills really quick.  MIND-BLOWING. Read More >

Hyperlite’s CRASH & SMASH – Wakeboard Fails of 2019

These videos are always either hard to watch or addictive by nature, seeing pure carnage. Whatever floats your boat, you need to check out the edit that Spencer Norris put together for Hyperlite. Watch both street winching and boat riding get equally BROKE OFF with some sinister tunes.

“Crash & Smash is right, it happens when you push yourself in Wakeboarding and there is a price to pay for progression. Shaun Murray refers to it as the Fun Tax. Luckily for the Hyperlite Team the list of injuries during the 2019 season was minimal and manageable, going into 2020 we are healthier than years past. Looking back at all of the wakeboard fails it’s easy to see the passion our crew has for their craft. This is just a small compilation of the wrecks, smashes, close calls and miraculous ride outs from last season. You can see some tricks being developed, watch that spiny flippy thing Trever Maur is attempting. Or Rusty Malinoski pulling himself to safety mid double up and Cody Hesse riding away from kicker hits where we’d all have dropped the handle. Remember to always wear your Life Jacket and be safe while you push yourself on your next wakeboard adventure.” Read More >

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