Checking in With Team Rider, Anna Nikstad

Anna and her 2021 Liquid Force pro model
Anna and her 2021 Liquid Force pro model

JL: What’s up, Anna?! I hope you are staying warm during this crazy Texas winter storm. Have you lost power?

AN: Hey, Justin! Thanks, I currently have like 4 layers of clothes on. I lost power at 2:00 AM about 3 days ago and have been curled up in a ball ever since. Texas doesn’t understand how to snow.

JL: Well, I hope that you’re able to get your power back soon. I understand that it’s a pretty serious situation for everyone in Texas. As far as wakeboarding goes, you’ve been on fire over the last couple of years! You’re on your second year pro model board and boots with Liquid Force, a signature Follow vest, and Sandbox helmet. What does it feel like to look back on all your accomplishments and to be in the place you are now? Read More >

Short + Wide, Long + Skinny, or Somewhere in Between?

Backside rip in Gainesville, FL fully hungover - 2015
Backside rip in Gainesville, FL fully hungover – 2015

If you ask most boat riders, they will tell you that a 144 is a big board, but if you ask one of the shredders at your local cable park, they might say that it’s kinda small. Boat riders typically have a wider stance with a smaller board, whereas most cable riders nowadays have a shoulder width stance and a 150+. Board size and stance are subjective to the rider and what they’re used to. I like to encourage people to adjust their stance every now and then to see how it feels. Everyone has their own shape and geometry, so it’s important that you find out what works best for you.

Indy T2B behind the BuyWake G21...I probably fell - 2016
Indy T2B behind the BuyWake G21…I probably fell – 2016

I grew up riding behind the boat for the most part so I used to just slam my bindings all the way out, because that’s what you did. And, being a smaller guy, I never had much reason to ride a big board. I’m 5’5″ tall and have never weighed more than 140 Lbs. so my typical board size was always between 134 to 139. I eventually started spending more time on cable systems and redirected my focus to rails, kickers, and air tricks. The riding environment at a cable park is similar to a skatepark. You get to ride with your friends, meet new ones, and push each other. The social aspect of riding at cable parks is just really cool to me and I think it plays a crucial part in the growth of our sport. The skinny stance trend is an example of new influence in wake that started at cable parks. Thanks to the homie Alex Graydon, I was convinced to try it out in 2014 at McCormick’s Cable Park. Read More >

New Liquid Force Team Rider Liam Brearley

New kid on the block for real! If you watched Space Tapes this year then you might have seen this wonder kid from the Canada. A true dual sport athlete – youth Olympic medal winner in snowboarding and a runner-up in both features only and traditional in pro men’s wake park – keep an eye out for Liam to make moves this year. It’s crazy. This kid is only 16 and crushing it!

“Canada’s main duel boardsport athlete, Liam Brearley has already made a huge buzz in the wake world for his park riding, but also is becoming a major rising star in the world of snow. A youth Olympic medal winner in snowboarding and a runner-up in both features only and traditional in pro men’s wake park, Liam is on a rampage when it comes to riding on top of water in all its forms. He brings a unique blend of both tech and swag to his wake park riding that blends well with his snowboarding. Fresh off a podium spot in his team’s Spaces Tapes edit, at 16 years old, Liam has found his way to the top of both competitively in wake and out in the streets and through edits. We look forward to Liam bringing more of the sauce this summer!” Read More >

Suwannee Dirge Birge Floatchilla – Bear, SpaceMob & Friends

Suwannee Dirge Birge Floatchilla Crew

When Bear (Bryan Soderlind) calls us up with a fun idea we can promise you the answer is always going to be YES! Bear gathered up the SpaceMob crew and had a little surprise guest up his sleeve that turned out to be MP Cunningham of the legendary show Aqua Donkeys. This trip was an absolute VIBE. The images that Bear captured of this four-day adventure will forever be classics and a reminder of the good times had. You know PB had to be on the trip as well, to just be that ace up the sleeve. Parks‘ drone skills lent a helping hand to the vibe of the video and, trust us, this video is a classic! Can’t help but give a cheers to PB for the songs too. Just wait for the last song, it’s as good as it gets. Read More >

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