Oakley Ends the Season Salty


We’ll let Oakley‘s Danny Hampson take it from here:

“I read a quote the other day that some obviously deep and poetic girl had found on the Internet and put on instagram that read, ‘The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears, or the ocean.’ Of course I immediately double tapped my phone sending a like and sat back to consider the meaning of this prophetic post. While I can’t vouch for the first two salty things helping with anything I can say that the ocean does have some type of calming effect. I then realized that my instagram friend had perfectly summed up what the Oakley teams trip to the keys was all about; after a summer of sweating it out in contests, demos, and photo shoots, crying through losses, hangovers, and loneliness, George Daniels, Jack Blodgett, Aaron Katen, Ryan Wolfe and I were heading to the Islamorada in the Florida Keys to bath in the ocean and cure ourselves of the grime the summer circuit can leave on ones soul. We were going to end the season salty.” – Danny Hampson Read More >

Shredtown | “Pallets”

Remember when every rail was a foam filled PVC pipe? Scott Byerly‘s section in Twelve Honkeys immediately comes to mind. Enter Shredtown a decade later. This Texas crew made a name for themselves by dishing out creative displays of homegrown rail riding and well, people took notice. It seems these guys have made rails out of everything under the sun except PVC. Their new edit, appropriately titled “Pallets” continues this tradition and proves that a little creativity/ingenuity go a long way. Props to the guys at Shredtown for keeping it creative, refreshing, and most of all fun.

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Red Bull Momentum | Parks Bonifay Web Documentary Pt. 2


Part 2 of Red Bull’s “Momentum” featuring wakeboard demi-god Parks Bonifay. In this final installment Parks talks family, injury, and the road to the top.

“Legendary wakeboarder Parks Bonifay tells us about the sport that means everything to him. We take a look into his daily life filled with skydiving adventures, photo shoots, and the never-ending process of pushing the sport to new limits.” – Red Bull

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Nitro Circus - Parks Bonifay

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