Red Bull Momentum | Parks Bonifay Web Documentary Pt. 2

Part 2 of Red Bull’s “Momentum” featuring wakeboard demi-god Parks Bonifay. In this final installment Parks talks family, injury, and the road to the top.

“Legendary wakeboarder Parks Bonifay tells us about the sport that means everything to him. We take a look into his daily life filled with skydiving adventures, photo shoots, and the never-ending process of pushing the sport to new limits.” – Red Bull

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Nitro Circus - Parks Bonifay

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Nautique Boats | All Will Be Revealed 3 | JD Webb and Shawn Watson

Watch JD Webb and Shawn Watson zip up the full suits to ride behind the new mystery Nautique in this third installment of “All Be Revealed.”

Notable Quote: “This is going to be the best boat on the market. It’s gonna have the biggest wake, the most interior space, it’s going to drive the best. It’s very cool to be a process of building this new boat.”  -Shawn Watson.

“Dirty” Mike Dowdy

Every once in a while a Jr. comes along and takes everyone by surprise. Mike Dowdy definitely has our attention.

“Mike Dowdy is one bad dude” Pro Rider Derek Grasman explains. “Expect big things from him because you won’t be disappointed. Only amatuer to do botha crow mobe 720 and a whirlydick. You know he’s legit cause he’s got the JD Webb co-sign.”

Dowdy rides the 2012 CWB Pure with AA boots. For detailed product descriptions and photos check out the product page here.

Lipsmack Teaser | Shredtown

It’s no secret that the Slingshot squad has been filming for their first ever major wake film “Lipsmack”. We look forward to seeing what Mckee and the gang have in store for us. Until then, here’s the third teaser. This one features the Shredtown crew doing what they do best. Shredding.

Slingshot is a featured brand this month at BuyWake. For the entire 2012 Slingshot collection with detailed descriptions and competitive prices, check out the Slingshot section.

Josh Palma GoPro Edit via Alliance Wake

Winter has its grip on most of the Northern Hemisphere and if your like us, were jonesi’n for sunshine and 85 degree weather. So until June we will have to live vicariously through the guys on our pro team.

This video captures what it would be like riding 5 ft. behind a professional wakeboarder…an angle used in abundance for the first time in the classic Bump Films video “Free For All”.

Watch the video on Alliance Wakeboard Mag’s page. Check the hotness that IS @JoshPalma.

Josh is seen here riding the 2011 CWB Transcend 140 (currently 40 percent off with 2012 CWB Marius Boots.