The Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper is HERE!

Things Are Shaping Up!

Okay, you and the crew just had an epic morning session and now the water bugs (tubers) are chopping the water up…time to take a break while the “Chop Monster” is in full effect or maybe pull out the surfers till things die down.

By this point, we all have most likely used ballast bags to help perfect our boat’s wake while we Wakeboard.  You position your ballast bags, buddies, pets, significant other (be careful when asking here…haha) around the boat to get the most out of your wake.  Ever wish you could do the same thing when you surfed?

For me, the biggest drawback of surfing was having to re-weight the boat…move things around…just to go 10-12mph.  Only hoping that everyone surfed on the same side of the boat too.  I’m Goofy Footed so I usually had to surf backside on the right wave.  You pick and choose your battles to save on riding time.  Well, Eight.3 came out with a product that is going to change the way you think about surfing.

For 2016, Eight.3 presents the Wakesurf Shaper and it’s killer. Check out the video.

First off, remember, only surf behind an inboard boat for your own safety.  We want you riding as long as you can with all your arms/legs where they’re supposed to be because we love you guys.

Long story short, this boat add-on is going to make things so much easier.  For the cost of a couple ballast bags, you can purchase the Wakesurf Shaper instead to help fine tune your surf wave while still weighting your boat down evenly.  No more moving things around to one side of the boat or the other when you want to surf!  You can even move the wedge forward on the Velcro Strips for a longer wake if you’re surfing the perfect “endless wave” or towards the back if you want a steeper wake for airs and skim tricks!

As long as you’ve followed the install directions correctly on the Wakesurf Shaper, it’s as easy as putting it into place when your crew slows things down for a Surf set or removing the wedge when you’re ready to get back after another Wakeboard set!

Click on the chart below to unlock your Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper’s potential:

Pick one up before you get your boat in the water and see what the hype is all about.  It stores easy and makes any day out on the water awesome.  Trust to get you and your buddies ready for this season – you won’t regret it.

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