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Wakeboard handles are like car tires; they provide grip, are a main source of control, and eventually wear out. Do yourself a favor this Spring and put that nasty thing you’ve been riding where it belongs…on the tree next to the trampoline or on the winch.

Often times customers ask me what makes a wakeboard handle a “wakeboard” handle. Well, there are a few unique features wakeboard handles have that other slalom, trick, jump, and generic price-point handles don’t include. For example wakeboarding handles, like wakeboarding ropes, are non-stretch. They are usually between 15 and 17 inches wide to accommodate for handle passes. This is typically much wider than a waterski handle. Wakeboard handles can also be purchased with smaller “wrap” handles that allow you to do wrapped tricks while generic rope & handle combos will not include this. Finally, there’s grip. Wakeboard handles these days are often made from soft materials like as foam and cloth to provide a more comfortable grip. Since slalom skiing, bare-footing, and other watersports usually require 15+ mph more speed than wakeboarding, handles for these watersports are usually made out of rubber to accomodate for the punishing force of the water at higher speeds.

With all this being said, every handle you will find on is a true legitimate wakeboard handle. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite new grips for the 2012 season. So go on and put some new tires on your whip, you’ll thanks us later.


Liquid Force Ultra Gel Handle – $79.99

Gel insert + Ultra-Suade grip = the happiest hands on the lake. This handle utilizes a minimalist design and is very light and durable.


Ronix Frank Synthetic Wrapped Prequel Handle – $89.99

This handle prevents you from rolling the bar front or backwards by utilizing a fully wrapped PU constructed sides. This makes the handle stiff, responsive, and floatable.


Accurate Franchise 15″ Handle – $59.99

The Franchise handle is Jimmy LaRiche’s signature grip. It’s one of our favorites because it utilized a thicker grip, which in turn prevents blisters for people with long finders or big hands. This handle floats, is bright in the water, and incorporates different grips for your palm and fingers.

Proline LG 3D iPyramid Handle – $74.99

The Proline LG series was the first handle to use the chamois or “leather” grip. This grip is very comfortable while providing just the right amount of grip. This particular version incorporates a 3D raised pyramid design throughout.

Straightline Amoebatak Handle – $59.99

Straightline was a frontrunner in the business when it came to the introduction of EVA foam handles. This handle is a reincarnation of the old Amoeba grip but it’s made with a new material that gets stickier when wet.


For our entire selection of 2012 ropes and handles, click here.

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