Get the Shot with Rod Winner – Hudson Gentry

We developed the coolest wakeboard contest ever: Get the Shot with Rod!

After reviewing all of the submissions, Hudson Gentry was selected as the winner and Hyperlite put Rodrigo Donoso on an airplane to shoot with Hudson on Lake Hickory in North Carolina. Not only is Rod an amazing photographer, he’s also a great judge of character, and after the shoot was super impressed with Hudson. When Rod labels you a cool dude, it’s high praise in the world of wake. Rod said he really enjoyed his time with Hudson and his family.

Born on the 4th of July in 2009, Hudson began wakeboarding at age 5 on Lake Hickory. Ever since, he’s been a huge fan of the sport always looking forward to his next adventure on the water. Hudson entered his first competition in 2018 at the Fire in the Core event, hosted by SouthTown Watersports on Lake Norman in Mooresville. Competition definitely grabbed Hudson’s attention and he’s been accumulating podium finishes ever since. Hudson competed in the Jr. Boys division early on and is now in the Boys 10-13 Anything Goes division. It’s one of the most exciting divisions to watch on the WWA wakeboard circuit. The level at which these groms ride is incredible.

While competition is fun, Rod got the idea that Hudson really enjoyed low-key wakeboard sessions with friends and family. How could he not? Those are the best days, riding at the cable or taking wakeboard and wakesurf sessions behind the boat. Hudson’s favorite park is Elevated Wake Park, but he also gets to train with Stephen Pierce, Tony Iacconi, and legendary wakeboarder Cobe Mikacich at Freedom Wake Park. Currently the Tantrum-to-Blind is Hudson’s favorite trick, but that is bound to change as he continues learning and freeriding with his buddies.

At age 11 we know he’s got the endurance to keep advancing in wake, but it’s his passion for the sport that will take him to the top of his game. Having the opportunity to work with a renown wake photog is another step on the journey to reaching his goals. We’re stoked for you, Hudson. On behalf both BuyWake and Hyperlite, thank you for entering the contest and being a gracious host for Rod. The photos are awesome and we’ll be keeping our eyes on you for years to come. Keep at it and remember to pass the handle, the more wakeboarders the better!

Follow Hudson Gentry on Instagram: @hudmanwake

Rod took some amazing photos and put them in a cool slideshow and below is a cool photo gallery of amazing images from the trip.

Thanks again for the continued Support from our friends at Hyperlite!

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