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BuyWake Grassroots Project LogoWakeboarding has become a staple in lakes and rivers across the nation. Local tournaments, festivals, and other events create communities of riders that unite solely for the love of the sport. Without the individuals who create and orchestrate local events, these communities of riders would struggle to exist. Because of people like Maurice Daquin of Lousiana, grassroots wakeboarding will always have a pulse.

In 2006, Maurice founded the Louisiana Tech Wake Team.  Since then, he has been its acting president, put a Sesitec System 2.0 on campus, helped Louisiana Tech host their first wake tournament, and facilitated the genesis of the Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour.

“I continue to put my best efforts towards my passion and the possibility to make a better tomorrow for the collegiate wake scene” Daquin explains. “To keep the collegiate wake experience alive is why I work so hard to do what I do!”

Be on the lookout in the near future for a full feature on Maurice. Until then, check out this steezy back 180 sequence.

Backside 180 sequence wakeskate


The second installment of the BuyWake Grassroots Project unearthed some inspiring photos and video. Submissions poured in all over the country from locations like the glamorous Lake Spivey in Jonesboro, Georgia (a.k.a. the home lake of rapper, T.I.) to the notorious Louisiana Bayou, the training grounds of the Louisiana Tech Wake team.  This month, homegrown wakeboarding continues to shine under the magnifying glass of the BuyWake Grassroots Project.

Silhouette shuvitt captured by Matt Lingerfelt Framed up nicely and perfectly backlit, this picture of Seth Cathy via Matt Lingerfelt had us running down to the dock with our wakeskates at 6:30 in the morning for a week straight.


Pic by Brian Zimmerman This is how they roll in Charleston, South Carolina (a.k.a. Chucktown). Tantrums in the creek behind a 17.5 center console Scout is true grassroots. Photo: Brian Zimmerman.


This video features Donny Chattin. He’s got a solid list of tricks under his belt and an impressive set-up to say the least. Keep it up, Donny.

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