“Josh Palma’s Passion” Video

It seems that everyone has a soft spot for Josh Palma. There’s really not a bitter bone in the guys body. Josh is a product of the first Buywake.com Global Rider Search, which earned Josh priceless exposure and a handful of sponsorships back in 2004. This is what Josh had to say to Alliance Wakeboard Mag about winning the contest:

“Winning it was really pretty shocking. I’d shot that video with my roommate during my sophomore year of college. It was super last minute and sort of on the whim, so I wasn’t expecting much, but when I got a call from Chuck Morrow (owner of Ambush/Buywake.com) one afternoon I was completely shocked….really, it’s probably the most important thing that’s ever happened for me in my career, because it really is what started my career in the professional sense.” – via AllianceWake

Here’s Josh’s original video submission.

Fast forward to 2011 and Josh is bigger than ever. Residing in Orlando, he maintains a consistent magazine and contest presence. He’s even had short stint in the movie business as a stunt double in 2011’s “Shark Night 3D”. We are proud to say we’ve supported Josh since 2004 and are excited to see what’s in store for him next. Follow Josh on twitter @JoshPalma.

Make sure you check out the hotness that IS Josh Palma on Alliance right now.

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