Keep It simple – Go Big

It’s a new year and not the ideal temperature for riding, but every year you should have a new wake goal.  Learn a new invert or add a 180 to a existing trick you have is the most common thing to do.  Well, this year it’s for the guy who hasn’t ridden in a while or takes 1 set every so often.  Slingshot has a new board this year called the Nomad and it’s here to revive the passion you once had wakeboarding.   The Nomad is about having fun and making wakeboarding easier.  This board is all about increased stability, strong pop, softer landings, cruising at slower speeds, and a much larger surface area.   It’s big.  It’s really big, but it’s really a simple idea, and a perfect one at that.  You don’t need a super aggressive board or your typical 142cm size anymore, you need a Nomad.  This board is built for larger riders or riders with bad knees who really want to get out and slash around and throw some lofty wake-to-wake jumps.  It comes in a 150, 155, and 160, and it’s guaranteed to make you have fun again on the water!

2015 Nomad

Slingshot’s recommended size/weight ratio

150 cm: 160-270 Lbs. (72-122 kg)

155 cm: 180-290 Lbs. (81-131 kg)

160 cm: 200-310 Lbs. (90-140 kg)


Some added sequences of the great Chase Heavener of FCTN who not only rode for during his professional career as a wakeboarder, but his images are used for the graphic of the Nomad.  Solid!


Chase Heavener Slaysh
Chase Heavener Invert


Just a dude talking about Wake.

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