Keith Lyman – Stand Up Guy

I was finally able to get my hands on the July issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. Yesterday to be exact. The crew here at is super passionate about the wake industry. Can you tell? So, when the new monthly issue of the magazine comes through the front door, it is pretty much a mad dash. Have you ever watched grown men fight over a new issue of Alliance Wake Magazine? What a sight to behold. Well last night it was, in fact, my turn. Finally, I could thumb through the pictures, up and coming events, and best of all, read Keith Lyman’s interview.

It was about 9pm when I made it back to the natural confines of my home. I kicked off my shoes, found my favorite spot on the couch, and sat down with the most recent (July) issue of Alliance Wake. When I do get a fresh issue, the first hour is spent looking at all of the new advertising spots. Then all of the stellar photography, and finally the articles. Am I the only one that reads a new magazine from back to front?

So after perusing all the intense imagery, I finally made it to Page 52: “The Calling”, an interview with Keith Lyman. Over the past several months, we have been hearing rumors of pro wakeboard rider Keith Lyman’s possible retirement. Some information trickled out to us from various sources. The question was always the same, “Why would he walk away from a Pro Career”? The answer was pretty simple for Keith. When you have a passion to be the best, it will show in everything you do. This of course is the way Keith felt about the armed forces.

You see, I too, have had that calling, and it is pretty tough to turn away. The call to serve is a bigger than life feeling. Are you born with it? Who knows the true answer to that question. We do learn, however, to nurture that desire to serve our country, to keep us all, no matter what our personal views are, safe and secure back here on the home front.

Keith shows us a vivid and comfortable peace with his decision. The answers that he gave during the interview came from the heart and soul. He talks about his life as a pro, his ups and downs. And even his involvement in the Wounded Warrior Project with both, Axis Wake Research, and Slingshot Wakeboards. I felt as if he had sat down next to me and personally answered the questions Garrett Cortese was firing off.

I, personally, highly recommend picking up the June issue of Alliance Wake. If you have anything to do with the wake industry, please read the article. It is one of exception in many ways, and truly brings Keith Lyman’s ideals to light, to Bigger than life…reminding us, again, why he is a Stand Up Guy.

Keith, we wish you the very best! We are positive and confident that you will rise quickly in your service to our country. Until we see you again, keep your head down, drink plenty of fluids, and know you can always rely on the guy next to you, bro! Good luck, and great wishes…from all of us here at


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