Guess Who? Max Van Helvoort that’s who.

You’ll want to watch this a few times


So we’ve all seen a few different variations of the double flip by now right?  I personally love seeing the stuff off of the double up because the amplitude is typically way higher than that of a simple wake to wake.  Don’t get it twisted thought….wake to wake behind these new Nautique G Series can flat out be ridiculously huge.  Now doubles off the kicker at the cable park have been going down for quite some time, but this new variation may take top honors.   Watch Max Van Helvoort land this mute double cork 1080 flawlessly.  Hailing from Holland and now living in Orlando,FL (wakeboard heaven supposedly) Max set the internet on fire today and we are stoked to see this trick go down…and this good looking.

Max Van Heliport Mute Double Cork 1080


Just a dude talking about Wake.

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