Nautique G21 | The Top 6 Spots to Sit in the Boat

Where is the best place to sit in a Nautique?


Nautique G21

The Top 6 Sports to Sit in the Boat

1) The Captain’s chair means it’s your boat or you are deserving of the title “Capitan” while the owner takes a set.

2) The Portside DJ.  It’s that simple!  You are second in command and typically in charge of the playlist…don’t blow it.  Boat mix 2015!

3) Bow party.  Typically known as the sunbathing beauty area, you can now seat up to four comfortably in most new boats (i.e. the Nautique G21)

4) The bench.  This used to be a bad spot, but with Nautique’s rear-facing capability, it’s one of the most chill spots ever!  It’s not where you’re going, it’s where you’ve been.

5) Starboard side bench.  This used to be a neck breaker, but now that you’ve got a backrest and are positioned right behind the driver, you’re sure to move up the ranks, as you might be relaying info to the driver via person being pulled behind the boat.

6) Transom.  Strictly for sunbathing and typically reserved for the captain’s mermaid.

*Maximum capacity is 14 people so get creative.


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