New Nautique, Some Golf, Daytona Bike Week and Back

How’s that for a title? Last week I ventured down to Florida with my good friend EBev (OG Hyperlite rep) to participate in some “team building” with our good friends and partners, Nautique. It was without a doubt one of the more fun trips I’ve ever had. Jam packed each day is an understatement.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Our trip started with a nice little round of golf at a little hole in the wall golf course called Lake Nona Golf & Country Club a week after it hosted the 2021 Gainbridge LPGA event. NBD. We had a blast from start to finish, as the fairways were pure, the bunkers were visited, and the greens rolled about as fast as it gets. It was awesome to spend the day with such an inspiring group of guys that truly have a passion for their respective brands and know how to unwind and get away from the day-to-day and enjoy a solid round. Well played, boys.

Golf at Lake Nona with the Nautique crew

Arnold Palmer Inventional

The Arnold Palmer Inventional just happened to be in town, as well, so as a group we all met up and hit Arnies place to watch a little round ball get hit by a bunch of well-dressed gentlemen who make a LOT of money doing it. Obviously, it was cool to walk the grounds and take in a PGA event in person after a year filtered from attending anything in person. The buzz was in the air with Rory’s play that day (Friday), and it was great getting to watch some of my personal favorite plays like Doc, Max, J.T., and Pat, but big boy Bryson, of course, was lurking with his goofy hat and sure enough pulled off the win by one over Lee Westwood. If none of that makes sense, just scroll and look at the pretty gallery of images to tickle your eyeballs.

PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational

Orlando Boat Show

This was the curveball I didn’t expect or plan. Attending any large gathering seemed a little off, but it was totally fine and it felt great to see people enjoying themselves checking out all the latest boats and weird boat show stuff we are all accustom to. My bonus for going (which i’m glad I did): I ran into my longtime friend Brandon Lee and Blake from WSC! They were hanging at the Nautique of Orlando booth working their magic, of course. Can’t say enough about Jeff Husby and Danny Harf and everyone there for the great hang sesh. 10/10 would go back.

Daytona Bike Week

I’ve gotta keep Daytona a little short. We didn’t score Supercross tickets so we walked all over the place as Bike Week was going on. If you haven’t been, it’s like Mardi Gras mixed with motorcycles and a dash of MMA. Fun times walking around having a few not beers and ended up watching the 450 main at a cool bar and seeing Eli Tomac get his 5th Daytona win was something I’ll never forget. The rest I’ve already forgot, trust me.


Lastly, a few months ago I received a phone call from my friend and the Director of Marketing for Nautique, Brian Sullivan, that even with high demand for boats we would have the opportunity to get the 2020 Nautique G21 that was used for the photo and video marketing for last year.

Look, we all know 2020 was unexpected and for the first time our business didn’t need a boat because we had to cancel all of our events and just didn’t know what to think. With all that being said, we graciously accepted and, as a last little bit of fun, I had the chance to go to the factory and pick it up. It was a quick visit, and a long drive home back to Georgia, that’s for sure. Worth it? You bet. I’m excited for and our team to get back out on the water this year (cable parks are fun, but nothing beats riding behind a Nautique) and continue the progression of sharing our sport and passion for the quality of such and amazing product that is Nautique. Our partners at WaterSports Central and Nautique have some amazing events that we can’t wait to be a part of.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


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