No Shave November

No Shave November!
No Shave November!

Gentleman, it’s that time of year again.  It’s time to wrap the charger up around your Norelco, stash the can of  “beard busting” Barbasol, and keep the $15 you would have used to buy a four-pack of replacement razor blades in the piggy bank.

Commence No Shave November!

Ahh, the time of year where men across the globe band together and take part in cultivating our facial canvases to let on lookers know WE ARE MEN…of the manliest sort.  All the while, supporting a good cause and helping educate our fellow men to take preventative measures against prostate and testicular cancer.

What is it? 

The goal is to start clean-shaven on November 1…and then hold on for the itchy ride until December 1st.   You let your facial hair do its thing for 30 days without interfering.   Any tampering or trimming of your facial hair will get you disqualified.


Beards, Sideburns, Mustache


At the end of the month, you are judged by your burly beard or your magnificent mustache among your group of fellow participants.  Meanwhile, you and your group raise money to donate and help bring the topic out into the open with anyone who asks about your new facial growth!

Don’t feel left out, ladies.  You can always show your support by not shaving your legs and armpits…and by letting things get a little unruly down there.  Ha!


No Shave November (NSN) began transforming the faces of men back in 1999 when a few of our brothers from down under were enjoying a few “cold ones” at a local pub.

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“You know, where the best of manly ideas come from…”

You know, where the best of manly ideas come from…

It took hold in Australia and became an instant sensation!  After its popularity spread worldwide and others joined in letting manliness exude through any and all active facial follicles during the month of November – No Shave November was born.

The Wake Industry

LF MustachiosMatt Gleason and our buddies over at Liquid Force have been taking a stand for men’s health over the past few years by participating in “Movember’s” mustache growing team challenge.  To learn how you can join the Liquid Force Team, “MUSTACHIOS.”  Or start a team of your own, check out the website and join the cause!


Although there are many different rule sets and views on the scruffy growth endeavor throughout November, remember that the end goal is the same.  We all need to get checked out.

It is important we know if there is any potential risk in our family history.  We can help encourage our friends to become more aware of their own health, and we can be there for those who are battling the cancer now.   They need our support!

This month holds a special place in my heart, as my father-in-law fought the good fight against Prostate Cancer, and came out on top.  It really was a  true “Rocky Balboa” story!  I’m thankful he is here with us every day and his experience opened up my eyes to how common this type of cancer is.  It can happen to any one of us.

Remember that $15 I talked about earlier?  The cash you got to put back in your pocket for the month?   Make a change!  Donate it to the fight for a cure and smile wide as you sport your new flavor saver!

Mustache matters

Keep on riding, brothers!


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