One of our favorite things to watch are films done by riders for riders.  Watch Chris O’Shea and his friends rip around this planet and ride some of the best cable parks in the world.  The film has a great mix of style and some of the best drone footage we’ve seen in some time.  Enjoy!

Watch the film on UnionWakeboarder.


Odyssey is a short film documenting the travels of Mitch Langfield and Chris O’Shea from April 2013 to April 2014 through France, Spain, Germany, Holland, England, Wales, Thailand, Australia, The Philippines.

“Everywhere you go you meet up with riders… We started collecting footage of us and Aaron Gunn in Europe last summer. Since then, in Australia, the US, Thailand and the Philippines we’ve shot James Windsor, Manu Rupp, Antoni Van der Wekken. Ben Leclair, Graeme Burress, Daniel Grant, Brad Mason… We basically filmed anyone who we liked. If we liked their riding then we filmed them. And us two (Mitch Langfield and Chris O’Shea), obviously!” Mitch Langfield.

There might be some language in this one so if you are a little sensitive, keep that in mind.

Chris O’Shea CWC Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.48.21 AM Chris O’Shea Rider Unknown


Just a dude talking about Wake.

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