New Liquid Force Team Rider Liam Brearley

New kid on the block for real! If you watched Space Tapes this year then you might have seen this wonder kid from the Canada. A true dual sport athlete – youth Olympic medal winner in snowboarding and a runner-up in both features only and traditional in pro menโ€™s wake park – keep an eye out for Liam to make moves this year. It’s crazy. This kid is only 16 and crushing it!

“Canada’s main duel boardsport athlete, Liam Brearley has already made a huge buzz in the wake world for his park riding, but also is becoming a major rising star in the world of snow. A youth Olympic medal winner in snowboarding and a runner-up in both features only and traditional in pro men’s wake park, Liam is on a rampage when it comes to riding on top of water in all its forms. He brings a unique blend of both tech and swag to his wake park riding that blends well with his snowboarding. Fresh off a podium spot in his team’s Spaces Tapes edit, at 16 years old, Liam has found his way to the top of both competitively in wake and out in the streets and through edits. We look forward to Liam bringing more of the sauce this summer!” Read More >

Suwannee Dirge Birge Floatchilla – Bear, SpaceMob & Friends

Suwannee Dirge Birge Floatchilla Crew

When Bear (Bryan Soderlind) calls us up with a fun idea we can promise you the answer is always going to be YES! Bear gathered up the SpaceMob crew and had a little surprise guest up his sleeve that turned out to be MP Cunningham of the legendary show Aqua Donkeys. This trip was an absolute VIBE. The images that Bear captured of this four-day adventure will forever be classics and a reminder of the good times had. You know PB had to be on the trip as well, to just be that ace up the sleeve. Parks‘ drone skills lent a helping hand to the vibe of the video and, trust us, this video is a classic! Can’t help but give a cheers to PB for the songs too. Just wait for the last song, it’s as good as it gets. Read More >

Unfinished Business | …20 Years Later with Brian Grubb


Brian Grubb has arguably done more for wakeskating this past 20 years than anyone. Red Bull has done several videos with him that have helped expose wakeskating worldwide. One of the most iconic memories we have is the first cover of Alliance Wake Magazine. As Alliance is celebrating 20 years they dropped something really cool. Shane and the Pointless guys decided to recreate the old cover, but the big public reveal is he didn’t actually make that rail hit back then, but now he intends to. This is legendary on so many levels.

“With little hesitation, Brian Grubb took aim at this rail on his wakeskate and on the first attempt nearly went full-pull, sending the rest of Pointless into a frenzy. Although it wasnโ€™t a complete “make,” the attempt alone would define not only Pointless, but Grubb’s future path. At that very same moment Grubb was stamping his mark on wakeskating, we at Alliance Wakeboard Magazine were putting together our inaugural issue โ€“ most importantly, selecting our first cover. The cover of any magazine is the most coveted, and celebrated, form of recognition in any board sport. We understood that our first cover had to be a statement. Not only as an image, but as a direction, and ultimately, a VOICE. Grubb’s attempt at THIS rail, on a wakeskate, was a defining moment not only for him, but perfectly timed for the statement and history Alliance hoped to make. For us, choosing the image was undeniable and when the cover hit there was no question: Alliance, Grubb, and Pointless were moving the sport forward in a new way. This was not only our first cover, but Grubb’s as well. Pointless would soon debut Incomplete, and Grubb would earn Alliance’s first coveted Rider of the Year award. That’s a lot of history for one move, and a magazine cover that wasn’t a make.” Read More >

Space Tapes – A Global Online Team Video Contest

A Global Online Team Video Contest: Space Tapes

In case you missed the nearly 12 hours of Space Tapes live judges viewing party over the weekend, we’ve got your back. Watch all the videos here and see the reactions the judges had live as they had their minds blown. With more than 64 teams that entered this is – yup, going to say it – the LARGEST online wake contest to date. We are talking worldwide, people. Livestream parties are the future and stay tuned for the next round of Space Tapes as Wakeboarding Mag will be hosting the “Best Trick” and “Fan Favorite” very soon. Big shout out to all the judges for putting in the work and especially Bob for putting on the live feed!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3 Read More >

Welcome to C-SIDE

C-SIDE was started as a joke by my friends and I at the cable park a few years ago. Since then, we have started to push each other and other local riders to do their best. Here is some of the crew.

Jackson Kauffman:

Jackson Kauffman riding the cable park

Funny thing is, C-SIDE started out as a joke, but has now become something far more than that. From the painful crashes, late nights editing, and the hard work to help make things happen, it’s become something that keeps me stoked to keep pushing myself in wakeboarding. The guys we have on our team are some of my closest homies, and all have come to achieve the same vision of what we want to create. Stay tuned for what C-SIDE has to offer in the future; it’s going to be big.

Todd Allen:

Todd with the one footer in the hallway at Elevated Wake Park

C-SIDE is the gang. C-SIDE is the group of people that got me into wakeboarding. The kids in C-SIDE aren’t my friends; they’re my family. We aren’t the best riders in the U.S. and certainly not the best riders in the world, but we have fun. A lot of people take themselves too seriously, and you certainly won’t find that here. C-SIDE is not about doing the same competition line 800 times or crying and pitching a fit if you don’t get first place in the novice division of a meaningless regional competition. C-SIDE is about growing the sport, getting as many people into riding as we can. Honestly, C-SIDE is about doing whatever we want and not what we don’t, on and off the water. We had a blast filming at the home park these last couple of weeks, and I hope that shows in our videos. Enjoy, get on the water, find your crew, and do whatever YOU want to do. Read More >