Wake Compound | Where It Happens

As is typically the case, I was a little late to the party when it came to finding out about Wake Compound, the new subversive “it” site designed specifically for riders.
What drew me to the site initially is BuyWake.com’s resident Matthew McConaughey look-alike Jeff Langley’s 1 Hit Wonder. Langley, whom we at BuyWake.com affectionately refer to as “Surf Ninja”, has really been coming up as of late…and we’re all hyped to see him involved with something like Wake Compound. The site also features recent 1 Hit Wonders from Tony Carroll, Derek Grasman, and Phil Soven.

Possibly my favorite feature on Wake Compound is Add+Onz, where two riders are paired against each other in a sort of “draw the line” format…where one rider starts off with a trick and the second rider has to repeat that trick and add another one. The first rider to blow it loses. Read More >

Product Review: Liquid Force 2011 Watson LTD

Liquid Force is known for releasing Limited Edition versions of key products in their line.  And…this Season, one of the products selected to get the “Limited Edition” treatment is Shawn Watson’s pro model binding.

The 2011 Watson LTD has the same balance of flexibility and stiffness found in the standard production Watson, but with the added distinction of a Limited Edition colorway.

I, for one, have always been a huge fan of everything that Liquid Force and Shawn Watson put out, and that holds true with the 2011 Watson LTD.  The main thing with any Watson pro model product is that, while they are designed to perform at the highest level of riding, they’re always products that even those new to the sport of Wakeboarding can not only use, but get serious enjoyment out of.  In some cases, pro model products are too stiff, too explosive, or too geared towards the rider who endorses them, but that doesn’t ever seem to be the case with anything that Watson puts his name on. Read More >

April Is Liquid Force Month On BuyWake.com

liquid force month
Liquid Force Month @ BuyWake.com

During the Spring and Summer months, we at BuyWake.com like to run co-ops with our key brands…where we center all of our marketing efforts for the month around a single brand.  For the month of April, we chose Liquid Force.

Liquid Force has really been bringing the heat…and this year is no different.  They are leading the way with their Hybrid core technology featured in the 2011 Watson Hybrid and the 2011 Melissa Hybrid that combines predictable pop with the right amount of flex…as well as with their line of bindings that bring the maximum in terms of efficiently transferring a rider’s movements to his board.

Danny Hampson and Grant Roberts are making it happen with pro model bi-level wakeskates in Liquid Force’s Obscura line.  And…of course, the true surf “stoke” found in Liquid Force’s surf-constructed wakesurfers will keep any landlocked wave rider from missing the coast. Read More >

BuyWake.com Virtual Wake Exchange

With the current economic conditions being what they are…and with interest in the sport of wakeboarding as a whole seemingly on the decline over the past few years, we have been wanting to do something to really generate increased enthusiasm for the sport among our friends and customers.  Out of this notion came the BuyWake.com Virtual Wake Exchange.

I know that, when I get new gear, I’m more hyped than ever to get out there and ride.  Unfortunately, our friends and customers largely haven’t really had the means to upgrade their rigs over the past several seasons.  And…those who have had a few dollars left over after the bills are paid each month are typically more inclined to put that money towards gas for the boat, PWC, or winch, leaving little left over for the latest and greatest new setup. Read More >