Parks Bonifay and Shawn Watson | My Side

To this day, BFY Production’s 2003 flick My Side is one of my favorite wake films. Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the line up, maybe it was the era – but for some reason this movie always resonated with me. It was my introduction to Ben Greenwood and Mike Ennen and a a lot of good underground West coast hiphop (thanks Kilgus). Take a second to travel back to an era when towable sliders were cutting edge and watch Parks Bonifay and Shawn Watson’s part in My Side.

“When this segment was filmed, both Parks and Shawn were on the true edge of progression. With towable sliders and unbelievable wake riding. My Side was a great success for us and turned out to be a great seller. I learned alot about editing and shooting new angles that year. I also got a chance to shoot with Ben Greenwood, Aaron Reid, Keith Lyman, and more. That was an amazing year.” Sean Kilgus

*Shot and edited by Sean Kilgus for BFY Productions

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