Ronix Dealer Days 2013 at Radar Lake

Over the past the four years our buyer and wake wizard, Billy Witcher AKA ‘Bill the Thrill’, has bumped elbows with wakebooarding’s most prolific people in a host of exclusive settings. This Summer was no different. Upon Billy’s return from his latest trip to Radar Lake for Ronix’s famed Dealer Days, I had to hit him up and get the details.

The Sunset at Radar Lake

So give us the lowdown on Ronix’s Dealer Days. I’ve heard good things.

Dealer Days is basically about a two week period where Ronix dealers are invited up to the “mecca” (Radar Lake) of our sport to spend time with their reps in a more casual environment to check out the new product line, test anything you wanted to, and enjoy a roaring bonfire each night while throwing back some cold ones. Oh yeah, you don’t go home hungry either. The ladies up there know how to throw down and make a mean spread for every meal!

What is your most memorable experience of this year’s trip to Radar?

Honestly, being in complete awe of the place where Herb O’Brien called “Home” and to see that it meant as much to me as it did to everyone there. Whether it was your first visit or if you were a life long veteran, you instantly felt how special this place was the moment you set foot on the banks of Radar Lake.

This was my first time, so I was almost in “shock” at how beautiful the scenery was and to know I was where our sport has some of it’s deepest roots. It is literally, one of the greatest places on Earth.


Who’s was your favorite campfire guitar hero?

The good ole’ knee harp only came out on the first night I was there, so I didn’t get my face melted by any fireside Duane Allmans – but hell, 80’s night on someone’s Pandora station definitely had me belting out some monster ballads.

Campfire on the shores of Radar Lake

Did you ride?

They had the boats running non-stop and the conditions were perfect day and night, so yeah, I got my fair share for sure!

If you didn’t ride – you had to be passed out in your tent sleeping off the campfire from the night before. There were a few people that got “stung” by the campfire while I was out there that didn’t make it down to the boat dock, haha.

What are you most hyped on for Ronix in 2014?

One word. Camber. Just wait till you see it…


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