Ronix Review w/ Micah and Mertes

2015 Ronix Kinetik Project & El Von Videl Schnook Review!

Ronix Wakeboardsput a huge amount of research and development into their products and it shows.  Two of the best selling and most popular wakeboards in the 2015 lineup are the Kinetik Project and the El Von Videl Schnook.  We decided to send Ambush Board Co. and employees Micah and Mertes to our local spot, Terminus Wake Park, for a little shred session and see how the two boards feel firsthand.  Don’t be fooled by the hilarious good times and all the high fives, these dudes are all business!  Watch the video below and read for yourself how they feel about the boards.


The Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project

“Brand new for 2015, the Ronix Kinetik Project is one of the best and most innovative cable boards I have ever ridden.  After a few laps around the park the first thing I noticed was how responsive and how alive the board felt under my feet.  The mixture of foam and wood makes the board super light, but also very durable.  The thing that stood out the most for me was how much pop that board has out of the water.  The two rocker lines make the board explode out of the water.  One of the coolest things is how responsive this board was on features.  The stored energy in the board makes it snap off  and on rails like a breeze.

Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project Intelligent Core (Metallic Black/Fresh Bait) Wakeboard
Ronix 2015 Kinetik Project Intelligent Core (Metallic Black/Fresh Bait) Wakeboard

“The board is nice and soft in the tip and tail, making presses look amazing, but it is also stiff enough in between your feet for a solid feel that makes landings off the kicker a bit easier on your knees.  Another cool thing about this board is the concave in the nose and tail.  With more round rails showing up and being built at cable parks all over the world the concave helps the board lock into presses on the rail and not slip out.  So, all in all this board is one of the most fun boards I have ever ridden and puts a smile on my face and stoke in my heart.  If you want the best on the water fun you could ever experience, grab a Kenetik Project and see for yourself.  I promise you won’t be sorry.”

-Micah Ingalls


The Ronix 2015 El Von Videl Schnook

“The El Von Videl Schnook is for the all around cable park shredder.  This board has the most locked in landing off all kickers and rails.  What I mean by this is the feeling you get when you land is “bolts”!  There’s hardly any bouncing around after you hit the water.  Another feature of this board I really like is the very durable base is slick and catch free.

Ronix 2015 El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0 (Barber Poll) Wakeboard
Ronix 2015 El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0 (Barber Poll) Wakeboard

“Like the Kinetic Project, the El Von Videl Schnook also has concave in the nose and tail for easy lock-ins on round rails.  Overall this board rips and rides fast.  S,o if you are trying to go big and charging everyday at the park, I definitely recommend the El Von Videl Schnook.”

          -Nick Mertes


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