Seven Essentials for BROstock 2014

It’s about the time of the year again where thousands of wake fans descend on the Midwest for the world’s most esteemed wake festivalBROstock. For 2014 Liquid Force has invited 26 of the world’s top wakeboarder’s to come battle it out in the Ozark Mountains for over $30,000 cash – one of wakeboarding’s most lucrative prize purses – in one of the most intense double up competitions of the year.

Being that Pabst Blue Ribbon a main sponsor of the event, BROstock comes complete with a mammoth lake party that rivals that of a Lake Lanier 4th of July.  The party alone brings with it a certain set of demands that, in order to keep the party going, one must be accommodated for. We’ve taken the liberty to list all the BROstock must-haves in one convenient place so that when you get to The Lake Of The O̶z̶a̶r̶k̶s̶ BROzarks, you’ll be ready to bro.

Bro float

1.) Looking to get your float on, bro? Do it in brostyle with the BRO Float.

Liquid Force Coozie 2014

2. Since the wake handle isn’t the only thing you’ll be grabbing, keep your cool with the 2014 LF Can Coozie.

Get Barreled

3.) Not that you’ll have your shirt on much, but when you do it might as well be this party-ready PBR x O’Neill tee. *one left

Party on Wayne...

4.) The Liquid Force Party Chair is a real feat of modern engineering that features a 2-to-1 cup holder to seat ratio. ‘Nuff said.

Bullfrog Water Armor

4.) Suncreen. Keep the UV’s at bey with a suncreen that’s at least 50 spf or above.

Bold and pround

5.) Look the part with this dope team hat by Liquid Force. Bold and proud, bro!

Keep 'em cold with the LF Refresher Bag

6.) Nothing kills the party vibe like an unsuspecting sip of a hot beverage. Keep your cool with a LF Refresher Cooler.

Disruptive as the era that inspired it.

7.) The Discord by Spy is always happy to sit on your face. Block the hate with these sick white-walled bro-esq sunnys.

Yeah, Bro.

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