Slingshot x zuupack. LTD

Slingshot 2022 x zuupack. LTD 152 Wakeboard

It’s not a myth that apex predators still roam the vast landscapes of Earth, and one pack in particular has been making enough noise to be heard around the globe. Zuupack!!! As they are known in their spiritual form are a dynamic group of young riders running wild since being re-released from their South Florida enclosures following the pandemic of 2020.

Vic Garcia - zuupack.

This isn’t the first time we have caught up with these animals in their natural habitat, so it was only proper for us to drop their first Slingshot x zuupack. 152 LTD Wakeboard.

From Shredtown to SpaceMob, the next generation of young rippers are leaving their mark and the hard work and consistent effort has started to pay off. The crew, Maxx Evan (Cheetah), Luke Holmes (Bear), Jonn Bonet (Snake), Vic Garcia (Mammoth), and Gabe Menendez (Lion) have everything covered when it comes to style, their riding individuality, and they collectively slay anything in their path.

Another sick BuyWake collab

The zuupack. board is an excellent choice for well-rounded park riders looking to do a little bit of everything.  It evolved out of the need for a high-performance, plus-size park board. One of the most exciting features of the zuupack. 152 lies in the tip and tail, which feature an elliptical concave that wraps around round surfaces, giving the rider more hold/control, yet at the same time this feature presses flat on even surfaces. The custom graphic was another creation from our in-house designer, Levi Dills, who collaborated with the crew to bring the vision to life.

Levi doing magic

And to keep things even wilder with this limited edition, we have also teamed up with five cable parks, Imondi, Hydrous, Ski Rixen, Shark West Palm, and West Rock Wake Park, who will also have zuupack. boards available for purchase.

Lookin' good

We only have 30 available and the cable parks mentioned above each have only a few…so don’t miss out on owning this piece of history! Stay tuned for more fun from zuupack. this year.


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