Spencer Norris 2013 Film Reel – ‘Wanderman’

I first heard of Spencer Norris back in 2007 when Robbie Carter slid his first full-length wake DVD into my Playstation II and said, “Watch this, it’s a video edited by my friend Spencer who’s going to do big things”. The movie was shot with a Sony VX-1000, it didn’t matter as Norris’s knack for editing was immediately apparent. He knew wakeboarding and knew how to make it look good. Riders took notice.

A year later I was granted the privilege of meeting Spencer at Derek Grasman’s old residence in Winter Haven, Florida, where we did some brief shooting. This kind of became his home base over the next two or three years as Norris infiltrated the wake scene. His talent opened up doors for shooting wakeboarding’s elite for various industry partners and publications.

This past year has been one of Norris’s busiest yet shooting with video giant Sean Kilgus, producing various web edits and tutorials for Alliance Wake Mag, and commercials for industry partners. It’s no wonder that Norris’s 2013 reel is nothing to scroll over. Press play and sit back!

Spencer Norris 2013 Fil Reel Edit Waderman


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