Colin Harrington in 2012

Colin Harrington has long beenΒ revered as a wakeboarder’s wakeboarder – he’s driven, creative, and a damn good rider, too. It’s his unique surf/skate style that really defines Colin as a wakeboarder. In true DIY style here is Colin’s 2012 film reel. Press play and watch Colin live up to his status as wakeboarding’s “everyman”.

For more on Colin be sure to check out his 2010 full-length filmΒ Box ofΒ Fun.

Veteran’s Day | Keith Lyman: United We Ride!

Today is a special day for us at Not only does today have numerical significance (11/11/11) but it also is Veteran’s day. On this day we honor the 24.9 million military veterans in the United States and the 1.5 million active duty troops.

It is no secret that long-time pro rider Keith Lyman retired from wakeboarding last Spring to pursue a career in the Armed Forces. Keith’s last contribution to his fans is the 2012 Slingshot Lyman, a kind of tribute designed to carry on Keith’s legacy in wakeboarding and Slingshots progression of wakeboard technology. Keith is known for his overly-aggressive style of riding that he ultimately built his wakeboard career on. That is exactly what his board is designed to accommodate. Read More >

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