Video Is King


The days of waiting ’til the end of the year for a video to drop are basically gone.  It wasn’t long ago we had to lurk the pages of Alliance Wake Mag to see images of Justin Stephens shooting a film in order to get excited for its releaseor even know that the release was coming.   Nowadays we get to stalk Sean Kilgus as he takes us through the filming process with some behind-the-scenes clips and get amped again for a physical copy to be released (Prime coming soon, yo!).  Yet I have to admit there is something absolutely magical about downloading a film like Drop the Gun.

Today, viewing content is all about the convince of my iPad and streaming video directly to my big ass TV 8 ft in front of me.  I mean…is it laziness or convenience that makes me glad that I don’t have to get up and put the disc in, or search through dozens of DVD cases to find what I want to watch because I blew it and didn’t put it back in the right case? Read More >

Chad Sharpe | Lifejacket PSA

Alliance Visual Experiences and the WSF worked with Chad Sharpe to produce a lifejacket wear PSA for the US Coast Guard. Most of these PSAs are pretty dry and kooky, but AVE was able to come up with a concept that turned out pretty cool. Check out Chad’s story about nearly drowning after a hard fall last year.

Browse life vests at here.


Fox Spine and Swine In Progress

The Fox Spine and Swine, an invite only pro event at Reed Hanson’s house, is going on as I type out these words.  Yesterday saw an open Jam Session on the crazy 60 ft. floating Fox Spine Rail pulled by the Sesitec System 2.0
Today is all about the Pro Game of W8K & SK8.

Being that this event is currently in progress, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there as to who is pulling what, etc….and we certainly don’t know who the winners of the Pro Game of W8K and SK8 are, but I can tell you that the Fox Spine Rail is pretty serious.  According to Alliance, this monster is constructed out of close to 3,000, 130 two-by-fours, 30 sheets of plywood, 25 two-by-tens, and 36 sheets of PVC…and it took a solid week of hard labor before construction was complete and the spine was anchored. Read More >

Alliance Wake Video Battle – Semi Finals Kazachkov vs. Pugh

Another week has arrived and you know what that means. A brand new semi-final video battle round from Alliance Wake. Let us welcome both Yuri Kazachkov and Cameron Pugh into the ring! Both of these dudes have some killer cuts. Sadly there is only room for #1 at the top.

This weeks battle is a classic back of the boat vs local lifestyle, buds, and suds. Whatever your video style pleasure, the voting will be close. But the winners of each round are not left up to us, it’s your vote that decides. So go check this weeks Wake Video Battle at Who wants to take home the super schwaggy prize pack more? Watch the video, vote, leave your comment!