2015 Ronix Dealer Days – Recap

Another successful dealer days in the books!

Perfect Washington weather hovering around the mid-70’s, hallowed grounds at Radar Lake, and an exclusive insight to the 2015 Ronix Line.  What more could you ask for?

Chopper Dave Radar Lake
Chopper Dave Radar Lake

This year I got to take John “Bubba” Goza – our Trip to Radar Lake Sweepstakes Winner – up with me.  The Ronix Crew and myself included couldn’t have been luckier to spend a few awesome days with such a solid dude.  It truly was an honor to get to know Bubba and to ride with him.

Bubba and I got into Seattle late Thursday night and since we are both East Coast guys, we were up at the butt crack of dawn the next morning – ready to hear about the new gear and go straight into riding it.  We were about 3 hours early to breakfast, but I got my bowl of Lucky Charms cereal to start off the day – haha. Read More >

Top 5 Things a 1st Time Cable Rider Needs to Know

Cable parks are popping up everywhere these days and they are offering up a whole new way to ride for everyone…just one problem.  You’ve never ridden at the cable before!  No worries – I’ve got you covered before you take your first laps.

That’s what I was thinking when our local park (Terminus Wake Park) opened up here in Georgia earlier this spring.  I’ve never ridden cable since the closest park was around 7 hours away.  It’s not too easy to make a day trip for that.

Boat riding has been my forte ever since I started wakeboarding.  In the back of my mind, I always wanted to see what it would take to emulate my favorite riders in all the free ride videos I would watch like 12 Honkies, Hype, Pointless, and several others I have stashed away in my collection where they were jibbing their faces off. Read More >

BuyWake x Harley Clifford | Limited Edition Collab

What happens when you let one of the best wakeboarders in the world design his own board/binding colorway? Magic, that’s what. We’re proud to announce the official release of the BuyWake x Liquid Force limited edition Harley Clifford wakeboard and boot, available now exclusively at BuyWake.com.

Click for details

Ltd. Edition Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard:http://bit.ly/13PkQD0

Ltd. Edition Liquid Force Harley Boot: http://bit.ly/12rFczn



(800) 709-9253

BuyWake Takes a Vacation | Orlando, FL

This past weekend we infiltrated Orlando, FL in a bold attempt to rid our skin of its deathly shade of pale. It was an epic soulcation of mammoth proportions. Here’s how it all went down, photo blog style.

All in all it was an amazing trip. The Nautique Wake Games podiums were littered with BuyWake riders, the weather was amazing, and we were continuously surrounded with good people.  Huge shouts to Harley CliffordAndrew Adkison, Josh Palma, and Garrett Cortese for being so accommodating.  See you guys in Acworth.

OMG! <3
On the first morning Harley showed us how to weight a boat. Sink the teak!
photo: Cortese
Money booter Method. Photo: Cortese


Andrew Adkison, so handsome...
Less bro, more go...bro.
The Wake Games course was butter all three mornings we attended.
Wake Games 2013
Jeff Langley surprised everybody and beat out two favorites in the preliminary rounds. The Bruce was on the loose.
Pro Women's Podium | Nautique Wake Games
Nicola Butler reclaimed the top spot in Women's Pro.
Harley Clifford dominated Men's Pro while Dean Smith and Shota Tezuka took 2nd & 3rd respectively.

All in all it was an amazing trip. The podiums were littered with BuyWake riders, the weather was amazing, and we were surrounded with good people. Huge shouts to Harley Clifford, Andrew Adkison, Josh Palma, and Garrett Cortese for being so accommodating. See you guys in Acworth. Read More >

Behind the Scenes @ BuyWake.com

Although BuyWake.com is a virtual store, the process is about as real as it gets. Every employee we staff is completely committed to bringing you the best service and quality possible. Here’s a quick look into our world; the world of BuyWake.com




Meet Moe. He doesn’t speak much but can be a great listener. He gets locked up from time to time…but so do all the greats (MLK, Weezy, etc.). He recently picked up playing the harmonica.





Processing superstar Jordan Smith and House Videographer Max Yoder being guided by Creative Marketing Director Derek Davis (@SGT_Diamond). Check our Youtube HERE!




This Franchise is waiting patiently to be boxed… much like the way Jimmy used to on the starting dock in Kelowna, BC. Read More >

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