Putting Life in Life Vest

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Today’s professional wakeboarder is more “fashion conscious” than ever. Right? I mean, the collective standard for riding used to be board shorts, a vest, and maybe a heater top. A rider would only cover their vest to wear a bib in a contest. Ten years later we see pros riding in t-shirts, button downs, windbreakers, hoodies, and even pants (FYI: only Shane Bonifay is allowed to do this). One can speculate on this trend for hours, but one thing remains constant: the need for flotation.

Just because vests these days are covered up by bright green flannels and logo T-shirts doesn’t mean they’ve gone by the wayside. The big wakes and progressive riding of the contemporary era make the life jacket more important than ever before. The bigger we go, the harder we fall. Read More >

Scott Stewart Delta Edit

Scott Stewart gained notoriety after he won the BuyWake Global Rider Search v2.0 in 2010. Since then, Scott has established himself as a technical boat rider with a healthy apetite for rope tension and big wakes. Scott has become a top tiered athlete for Hyperlite with riders like JD Webb taking him under his wing.

Here’s a recent edit from central Cali’s infamous “Delta” that features some top notch, powerful riding by Scott.


2013 Hyperlite

Recently Hyperlite dropped a heap of 2013 product videos featuring new product. Here are some of the goods we are most excited about.

The 2013 Union

“The Union series is the culmination of years of development and the combination of our most advanced materials and construction methods. Inspired by our team, the Union series blends the functionality of a traditional wakeboard with the flex and feel of a thinner park board. Our Crossover SL Core combines both Nova and E-Core materials to produce a lightweight feel with maximum durability. The 360-degree ABS sidewall construction provides superior impact protection while the Sintered Enduro base offers our most durable running surface to date. The Union shape itself is designed around a continuous rocker line which provides great pop and maintains speed into the wake. The subtle base features allow this series to generate edge hold but also provides solid contact on rails. Allowing a rider the option to micro adjust their stance with the addition of the Strata Mounting system was the final element to this innovative design. ” -Hyperlite Read More >