DEFY on NetworkA

The online action sports channel NetworkA, wich can be found at the intersection of Surf, Skate, Snow, BMX, Ski, & Moto – recently added a clip from DEFY to their YouTube page. The clip showcases Dean Smith‘s exceptional kicker skills and gives wakeboarding a brief, but impactful spotlight in the arena of mainstream action sports. We hope this trend continues.


Colin Harrington and Friends | GoPro 2 Edit

Seeing Colin Harrington and crew ride reminds me of the “Incomplete” days of the Pointless posse; riders shooting riders and having a d*mn good time doing it. Substitute Shane‘s VX-2000 for a GoPro HD2 and you a modern twist on this classic concept. Enjoy.

At BuyWake we carry a plethora of GoPro HD2 mounts and accessories that enable you to get as creative as possible while shooting your crew. So what are you waiting for? Go film something.

For questions concerning the GoPro HD2 or any of its accessories, call us at (800)-709-9253 or email [email protected]


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