Taylor Hanley on Fire in the Phillies

Taylor has a great eye and you’ve probably seen plenty of his images online and in your favorite wake magazine, but did you know he sets it off on a wakeskate? Check out this rad edit from CWC in the Philippines.

Spring Training Team Announced | The Wakeskate Tour

One of the most sought after award this year was most defiantly finishing in the top ten of The Wakeskate Tour.  Why?  Because everyone who finished top ten gets to go to the Philippines for an all-expenses-paid trip, courtesy of the CWC and Republic Wakeparks.  Podiums are cool, but a trip to CWC and Republic with a crew of this magnitude is all time!  We are stoked for our Team Rider Ben Horan this year representing BuyWake and Ambush Board Co.!  Cheers boys and have a safe trip!

For Immediate Release:
The Wakeskate Tour Presented by Rockstar Energy

The 2014 season has ended & the dust has settled, with our Top Ten finally set in stone. After shredding their way to the top, the 2015 Spring Training crew will make their way to lovely country of the Philippines for an all-expenses-paid trip, courtesy of the CWC and Republic Wakeparks. This trip will see the Top Ten riders traveling, wakeskating, surfing, skateboarding, filming, shooting photos, & having themselves an all-around amazing time tripping through this incredible country. It’s sure to be an adventure filled with progression & fun. They will embark on this journey just weeks before the Stop #1 of 2015, making it a true Spring Training endeavor to sharpen their skills before the season. Congratulations to the following & we will see you soon! Read More >

James Windsor & Graeme Burress in the Philippines

The Philippines lay claim to two of the best cable parks in the World: Camsur Watersports Complex and Republic Wakepark. Now sit back and watch Graeme Burress and James Windsor, two of the sports premier cable rippers, shred the two parks to pieces.

“James Windsor and Myself took a trip to the Phillipines to Visit Republic Wakepark along with Camsur Watersports Complex. Check out the video from the trip. Edited by Graeme Burress Filmed by Elisabeth Fuchs, Karl Herman, Boom Dayupay. Giant thanks to Gov Lray Villafuerte for building two of the best parks in the world.” – Graeme Burress

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