Red Bull Momentum | Parks Bonifay Web Documentary Pt. 1

Sport is life. Sport is movement. Each body in motion is subject to a fundamental impulse: Momentum. We (Red Bull) explore the underlying factors that provide motivation in the lives of the very best figures in extreme sports.  We witness the combined impulses that drive these remarkable individuals to the limits. – Red Bull Media House

“Legendary wakeboarder Parks Bonifay tells us about the sport that means everything to him. We take a look into his daily life filled with skydiving adventures, photo shoots, and the never-ending process of pushing the sport to new limits.”

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DEFY – The Danny Harf Project | Review | Contest

It has been a while since a wakeboard flick has generated this much hype. I mean…before DEFY came out it was already one of 30 official selections to the 2012 X-DANCE Action Sports Film Festival in Park City, Utah. This alone puts DEFY and producer Sean Kilgus in an elite category of visual heavyweights including The Art of Flight by Brain Farm Prods.

First Impressions: The two-disc “collectors  edition” comes with a Blu-Ray disc, a standard DVD, a limited cover graphic, and a handful of stickers. The inside cover shows a sequence of Harf stomping a massive Toeside Mute Double Roll. This is a really nice touch that is definitely easy on the eyes.

The Movie: The first noteworthy scenes include archival footage of Harf in what looks to be some sort of “sponsor-me” tape. ‘Twas the late 90s, Danny was 12 years old and blonde tips were all the rage. Read More >

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