“Raph” by Liquid Force

Raphael Derome for Von ZipperVideo has always played a huge roll in wakeboarding, but the model is constantly changing. In the past five years there has been a huge influx in online wakeboarding clips, parts, edits, reviews, etc. Anyone can do it. So, will we eventually lose interest in the art of wakeboard film making due to this over abundance? Judging from this Raph Derome part from Liquid Force, Justin Loiselle, and Jonathen Ferguson,  no, we wont.

This is perhaps our favorite “web edit” all year. The riding, filming, and creativity made us want to drop everything we were doing and go wakeboarding. This is exactly what a wakeboard film should do. Thank you for the inspiration, Raph.

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Reed Hansen’s Battle Falls | The Whole Story

Reed Hansen‘s wakeskate visions come true, in this epic story of the trials and tribulations of Battle Falls build, the event, and many awesome sessions that build within this piece.

Reed joined forces with master cinematographers Sean Kilgus of BFY productions, creator of DEFY, and Fox team wakeskate athlete and Dieter Humpsch, to bring you the whole story of Reed’s epic vision using the unbelievable RED cameras.” – Fox Head Inc.

Music By:

Al Lover
“Swamp Donkey”
Heavy Hippies – Cheapdrugsfreelove

Artist: ÆGES
Song: “My Medicine”
Album: The Bridge