Colin Harrington in 2012

Colin Harrington has long beenย revered as a wakeboarder’s wakeboarder – he’s driven, creative, and a damn good rider, too. It’s his unique surf/skate style that really defines Colin as a wakeboarder. In true DIY style here is Colin’s 2012 film reel. Press play and watch Colin live up to his status as wakeboarding’s “everyman”.

For more on Colin be sure to check out his 2010 full-length filmย Box ofย Fun.

Colin Harrington and Friends | GoPro 2 Edit

Seeing Colin Harrington and crew ride reminds me of the “Incomplete” days of the Pointless posse; riders shooting riders and having a d*mn good time doing it. Substitute Shane‘s VX-2000 for a GoPro HD2 and you a modern twist on this classic concept. Enjoy.

At BuyWake we carry a plethora of GoPro HD2 mounts and accessories that enable you to get as creative as possible while shooting your crew. So what are you waiting for? Go film something.

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Josh Palma GoPro Edit via Alliance Wake

Winter has its grip on most of the Northern Hemisphere and if your like us, were jonesi’n for sunshine and 85 degree weather. So until June we will have to live vicariously through the guys on our pro team.

This video captures what it would be like riding 5 ft. behind a professional wakeboarder…an angle used in abundance for the first time in the classic Bump Films video “Free For All”.

Watch the video on Alliance Wakeboard Mag’s page. Check the hotness that IS @JoshPalma.

Josh is seen here riding the 2011 CWB Transcend 140 (currently 40 percent off with 2012 CWB Marius Boots.

GoPro Sessions: Scott Stewart

GoPro has revolutionized Action Sports videography by allowing viewers to see perspectives never thought imaginable before GoPro started producing small, mountable/wearable HD cameras encased in durable waterproof housings. A video posted today on AllianceWake featuring Ambush Boarding Co./ team rider and Global Rider Search v.2 Winner, Scott Stewart, is yet another fine example of what is possible with a GoPro. Prepare to be amazed.

Scott Stewart Go PRO from Patrick Wieland on Vimeo.

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