Grassroots Project | August

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This month’s Grassroots post features three different generations of riders from ages six to 47. We had some rad photos come in through Instagram, Facebook, and email. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks to everyone who submitted, may the force be with you.


Steve Stringham WakeboardingSteve Stringham grabs tail in Ogden Utah via Instagram.


Jeff Scott wakesurfing with his grandson.

“CWB board on my birthday, with my grandson, 47yrs. and 6yrs, gettin it done!!” – Jeff Scott via Facebook


Wakeboarding Read More >

Grassroots Project | June

BuyWake Grassroots Project LogoWakeboarding has become a staple in lakes and rivers across the nation. Local tournaments, festivals, and other events create communities of riders that unite solely for the love of the sport. Without the individuals who create and orchestrate local events, these communities of riders would struggle to exist. Because of people like Maurice Daquin of Lousiana, grassroots wakeboarding will always have a pulse.

In 2006, Maurice founded the Louisiana Tech Wake Team.  Since then, he has been its acting president, put a Sesitec System 2.0 on campus, helped Louisiana Tech host their first wake tournament, and facilitated the genesis of the Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour.

“I continue to put my best efforts towards my passion and the possibility to make a better tomorrow for the collegiate wake scene” Daquin explains. “To keep the collegiate wake experience alive is why I work so hard to do what I do!” Read More >

Grassroots | Post 1

Thanks to everybody who submitted their pics and videos. These are some standouts. Smiles for days, just like it should be. Your coupon code has been sent to the inbox of the account you used to send your media. Happy shredding everyone! See you next week.


@YanceyCrew on Twitter shot us this^ gem. #FF

^These Alabama boys are dedicated – via Twitter @Wakestrodomus *Turns the heat up.

Justin T. must have boosted the ISO on the SLR for this sick dope silhouette. ^

@AmyLorkin must like to shoot later in the day…via Twitter


The Grassroots Project

Enter‘s Grassroots Project, the ultimate platform for exposing today’s unknown riders who make up the foundation of our sport.

The over-exposed “professional” rider makes up wakeboarding’s 1%.  Behind the flat-billed energy drink hat, magazine spread, and signature product line is a kid who loves wakeboarding for the thrill of it, just like you.  So, at the end of the day, why not leave some room on the exposure meter for the riders who are the lifeblood of our sport?  This one goes out to the riders who still wake up at 6:00am on Saturdays for reasons other than another big budget video shoot obligation.

The goal of the Grassroots Project is simple; to create a platform that consistently hosts creative, appealing media for exposing amateur wakeboarders/wakeskaters on a global spectrum.  This isn’t about big contracts.  This isn’t about point standings.  This is real wakeboarding at its most primal level; riders having fun on the water. Read More >

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