2015 Wake Preview

Well, wake season is winding down.

It’s almost time to fold up your boardshorts for the summer and start searching for that hoody you tucked away in the depths of your closet back in April.  It’s the normal progression, right?  WRONG!  All the new 2015 gear just landed and it’s time to squeeze everything you possibly can out of your season and stay out there!!  You’re in your prime, you’ve been practicing all season long, why not treat yourself to something new and finish your season on a freakin’ high note?

Here’s the lowdown on some of the HOT ITEMS for 2015 – and you can get them NOW at BuyWake.com!

Wakeboards – New Board Shapes for 2015 Read More >

2014 Pro Wakeboard Tour Acworth Georgia

Summer for us is always kicked off with the first stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour at Dallas Landing in Acworth, Georgia.   The Tour always brings out the best in Acworth every year.  It  introduces wakeboarding to people and families.  We have so many people stop by the Ambush and BuyWake.com tent asking our team about ways to get involved in wakeboarding.  The beach and shoreline is filled with all different kinds of people, whether it’s their 5th year in a row being out there to families stumbling across the contest by accident on a random Saturday.  Not only is there a great turn out on the beach, but the city of Acworth puts on an amazing block party in the heart of downtown every year.  They have so much going on into the night with live bands, food and booze stands along with all the restaurants putting on amazing specials.  Each year the city of Acworth throws down a solid job of hosting the first stop of the tour. Read More >

It’s Liquid Force Month at BuyWake.com

The ides of May are approaching and at BuyWake that’s a big deal, bro! Let me tell you why: On top of the local Ambush Wake Classic, the grand opening of Terminus Wake Park, and the Acworth King Of Wake stop happening right in our backyard – it’s Liquid Force month.

For May we’ve put in some serious effort to deck out the site in all-things LF and will be putting constant shine on our favorite LF products and team riders throughout the month. We’re proud to be in a position to partner up with an iconic brand like LF, who easily has one of the longest and most consistent legacies in the industry.

From the Mini Squirt and the Trip of yesteryear, to the new Harley Clifford package, LF has always pushed the game in the right direction with their designs and graphics. Plus, it is no secret that they’ve held down one of the most diverse and overall talented groups of riders of d*amn near anyone. Here’s to kicking @ss! Read More >

2013 Surf Expo Recap

We love September for three reasons: next year’s product is dropping, the heaviest season edits are being uploaded, and of course Surf Expo – the annual “active lifestyle” trade show in Orlando where the air is tinged with new gear, swimsuit models, and wakeboarding’s elite. We attended Surf Expo this past weekend to get the lowdown on everything 2014 and bump elbows with our industry brethren. It was a wild ride but we persevered. Here’s some of the highlights straight from the floor.

Slingshot Wakeboards 2014 Surf Expo Booth
Shredtown member, Chris Abadie, holding the new 2014 Shredtown Wakeboard and Boots by Slingshot Wakeboards. The guys also debuted a new teaser for their first feature flick “Drop The Gun”, slated for a late Fall release.
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Harley Clifford’s new color scheme for the 2014 Liquid Force Harley Clifford Wakeboard.


Harley Cliffords new boot for 2014
Harley Clifford’s new matching boot for 2014.
More details to come.
The factory ltd. Harley Clifford release – pink on pink!
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With the addition of Mike Dowdy’s new pro model, The Dowdy, and Josh Palma’s Reverb, the CWB line has been supercharged for 2014.
King Of Wake Rookie of the Year 2014
Mike Dowdy accepting his 2013 “Wakeboard Move Of The Year” trophy.
Shredtown's "Drop The Gun" exclusive teaser premiering at the Alliance Wake booth during Premiers and Beers.
Shredtown’s “Drop The Gun” exclusive teaser premiering at the Alliance Wake booth during Premiers and Beers.
Keith Lyman stands next to his new Slingshot pro model for 2014.
Yes – he’s real. Keith Lyman stands next to his new Slingshot pro model for 2014. *photo via Slingshot Wake
Danny Hampson was on the receiving end of his first promo boat AND a wake award for 2013.
Danny Hampson was on the receiving end of a few awards this past weekend.

Big shouts to everyone who made time for us down in Surf Expo this past weekend. Special congrats to team riders Mike Dowdy and Danny Hampson for their accomplishments for 2013. Here’s to next year…. Read More >

Monster Energy | This Is Harley Clifford

Harley Clifford has pretty much dominated the last three years of professional wake boarding. He just had an amazing year in 2012 winning the King of Wake season title, WWA National Championships, and the WWA World Championships. Check out this video of Harley Clifford talking about his sport, living in Orlando, and what he wants to do in the future.”

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