Daniel Grant at Phuket Wake Park

Daniel Grant’s name is becoming synonymous with amplitude and originality. Liquid Force‘s globe-trotting cable ripper made quite the name for himself in 2012 battling seasoned vets like Chad Sharp and Aaron Rathy at the Red Bull Wake Open last July.

Needless to say, this edit of Daniel shredding Phuket Wake Park in Thailand is mandatory viewing for any wake enthusiast. Props to Kim Yong Il on the edit.

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Amber Wing Lands Double Flip

Amber Wing’s resume padding runs DEEP: 2010 female rider of the year? ✓ First female to land a 720 behind a boat? ✓ First female to land a 900? ✓ First female to land a double flip?

I could go on but you would probably rather watch the video. Congrats, Amber!

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Harley Clifford & Friends Lake Jessamine

The pro’s gathered at Harley’s place on Lake Jessamine Orlando, FL. The gathering included Rusty Malinoski, Bob Soven, and Jeff McKee. But this video is all Harley Clifford. Of course we are going to post the latest from one of the wake scene’s hottest athletes. Take a peek at Harley showcasing some of his new 2012 gear.