What did I just watch?

Unless you have been under a rock for the past 11 years then you know watching Danny Hampson and Aaron Reed ride behind a boat is nothing shy of magical.  Watching these two dance on the water brings an almost calming affect to the soul at times.  Well not this time…Dan basically just gave me a heart attack with his back to back trick selection and both Dan and Aaron’s lip tricks are a node to the Sfumato days.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy a couple ole river dogs getting down behind Aaron’s new boat.

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Danny Hampson – Graceland

Danny Hampson and Liquid Force Films have been stacking footage from their travels all Summer long. The product is Graceland feat. Danny Hampson. In this 7:42 long scorcher, Danny proves that he is one of the most rounded wakeskaters in the game while shining on all disciplines from winch to boat. Highlights include Danny’s monstrous frontside bigspin into the flats and his unique ability to effortlessly link tricks together.

Danny Hampson

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