Hyperlite’s CRASH & SMASH – Wakeboard Fails of 2019

These videos are always either hard to watch or addictive by nature, seeing pure carnage. Whatever floats your boat, you need to check out the edit that Spencer Norris put together for Hyperlite. Watch both street winching and boat riding get equally BROKE OFF with some sinister tunes.

“Crash & Smash is right, it happens when you push yourself in Wakeboarding and there is a price to pay for progression. Shaun Murray refers to it as the Fun Tax. Luckily for the Hyperlite Team the list of injuries during the 2019 season was minimal and manageable, going into 2020 we are healthier than years past. Looking back at all of the wakeboard fails it’s easy to see the passion our crew has for their craft. This is just a small compilation of the wrecks, smashes, close calls and miraculous ride outs from last season. You can see some tricks being developed, watch that spiny flippy thing Trever Maur is attempting. Or Rusty Malinoski pulling himself to safety mid double up and Cody Hesse riding away from kicker hits where we’d all have dropped the handle. Remember to always wear your Life Jacket and be safe while you push yourself on your next wakeboard adventure.” Read More >

2015 Wake Preview

Well, wake season is winding down.

It’s almost time to fold up your boardshorts for the summer and start searching for that hoody you tucked away in the depths of your closet back in April.  It’s the normal progression, right?  WRONG!  All the new 2015 gear just landed and it’s time to squeeze everything you possibly can out of your season and stay out there!!  You’re in your prime, you’ve been practicing all season long, why not treat yourself to something new and finish your season on a freakin’ high note?

Here’s the lowdown on some of the HOT ITEMS for 2015 – and you can get them NOW at BuyWake.com!

Wakeboards – New Board Shapes for 2015

Right out of the gate, there are tons of new shapes available for this season and some that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  For all you boat riders, let’s kick things off with Harley Clifford’s new board shape, the “Remedy.”

Liquid Force Harley Clifford Remedy

Harley basically swept the entire competitive circuit this past year on his previous shape…so why not make a GOOD thing, GOODER?  Haha.  Harley teamed up with the powers that be at LF and came up with this brand new shape to take his boat riding further than ever.  It’s got an increased rocker angle from tip-to-tail that will help send your wake jumps higher than ever – no matter the size of the wake.  I mean, who doesn’t want more pop?

Take that and couple it with a Triple Concave inside a Single Concave belly that directs water right into a Venturi Quad Channel profile in the tip of the tail and it will….wait, wait…too much tech.  Let’s just call it what it is – a rocket on water!  You’ll be turning on a dime and be able to enjoy some of the softest landings a board can offer, as well.  Get your 2015 LF Remedy Wakeboard now and see what Harley is so hyped on!


Next up on the list is Rusty Malinoski’s new shape for 2015, the “Kruz.”

Hyperlite Rusty Kruz

Here we have another insane shape for the boat rider.  Rusty has been riding his previous shape, the Marek, which was named after his first son, for several years now and decided it was time to flip the script and start working on a new shape for this season.  The Kruz, named after his second son, has it all and bag of the best potato chips you’ve ever snacked on.  It’s available in both a Nova Core (pictured left) and a Bio Core (pictured right) just like the Marek in previous years.  Both now feature the Strata mounting track for unlimited stance options.

The Kruz will give you that explosive and instant response that you’ve been looking for.  With new carbon reinforced torsion zones for stiffness in all the right places, a two stage channel for increased water flow throughout the belly of the board, and a thinner overall profile – this board is a game-changer.  In short, it’s like taking the old Marek shape and dipping it in salt water (because it’s a better conductor of electricity), then immediately hooking it up to some heavy-duty jumper cables and flipping the power switch on the generator…sh*t’s supercharged!

You’ve got your heelside front-side 3s down…why not take it to a switch toeside back 10?  The Kruz can certainly help get you there, you just gotta make the handle passes!  Get yours here – 2015 Hyperlite Kruz Nova Core and Kruz Bio Core.


Roll call: Slingshot, where you at for 2015?  Oh, you’ve already got a board for almost every riding style out there?  Well, what do you have for us this year?  I’ll tell you in one word – “Nomad.”

Slingshot Nomad

What?!  Really?  This thing comes in a 150, 155, and 160?  Get out of here.  No, get on one!

We all know that the bigger the board, the better they track on the water…the more speed you can generate into the wake…the bigger the sweet spot for better pop…the softer the landings.  Before I “better, best, bigger, more awesome” you to death, I want to say that this board was conceived in Slingshot’s think tank for all those “Legacy Participants” who might have dropped off and out of the wake scene for a bit and now want to get back into it again.  Maybe you are a little rusty?  Maybe you can’t do all those inverts you could before?  No worries!  This board if perfect for riders getting back into the swing of things, but are jumping the wakes and carving epic soul turns behind the boat.  Why not hop on a board that is built just for that?  The Cadillac of wakeboards…Elvis would want one, no doubt.

Now, anyone can get on this board and have a blast – but if the thought of getting back out there behind the boat and getting some air back under those feet on your wake jumps and throwing up walls of water out in the flats or against the wake tickles you in the right way…the Nomad is definitely something to jump on.  This thing is sweet!  Check into it further here – the 2015 Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard.


Another new shape I want to touch on comes from Ronix.  It’s Danny Harf’s newest installment in the One Series.

Ronix One Collection

Ladies and gents, I give you the 2015 Ronix One Wakeboard in all its glory.  All new for this season, the One has a brand new shape and is a definite departure from what we have come to know as the One shape for the past 3 or 4 years.  Danny’s board has traditionally been known for a low rocker line that maximized the contact between the board and the water.  Ultimately creating a quicker board edge-to-edge without sacrificing Danny’s iconic, smooth freeride/mellow style.

For 2015 the One got a wicked overhaul, but is more sleek and sophisticated than ever.  It’s available in three models – the One Time Bomb (pictured left), the One ATR “S” (pictured center), and the One ATR Carbon (pictured right).  Danny’s new shape has a much thinner profile from tip to tail that reduces all that pesky swing weight on those spins and also increases board feel on water and on features.  Along with its thinner profile, the One has a slightly more aggressive rocker line and deeper side vented channels that stem from under your boots to the end of the board for better traction when on edge.  I’m expecting big things from Danny in 2015 on this board!

The ATR Carbon version will be your go-to if you are typically riding behind the boat, but would be good at the cable park along the way.  The ATR “S” is more geared towards your cable-heavy rider that still enjoys taking his board behind the boat, as well.  This model is definitely softer, and anyone who hops on it will definitely notice its “stored energy” core.  Finally, the Time Bomb is still the Mack Daddy of the three.  It’s got the best of both layups and carbon stringers that run the full length of the board to help increase the “snap” off the lip of the wake when the rider leaves the water.  Plus, it’s sexy as hell!

Thinner, faster, stronger – The 2015 Ronix One Wakeboard…in the One Time Bomb, the One ATR “S”, or the One ATR Carbon.


Okay, so I’ve hit on three true boat boards and one crossover board that can work for both disciplines.  Time to reward my patient cable brethren.  Peep this hot mess below…

Byerly Felix

I give you the 2015 Byerly Felix that came straight out of the Mad Scientist’s lair (Butch Customs) down in Satellite, Florida.  Scott Bouchard and the Byerly team created this cable slayer and instead of hogging all the fun for themselves, they released it to the masses.

This board features a continuous rocker that allows you to get up to speed quickly when going from feature to feature throughout the park, so you don’t miss a single trick in your line.  The Felix has Byerly’s “Park Flex” where the board maintains a nice, consistent stiffness between your feet by way of the carbon stringers and glass layup that you can see through the board’s top-sheet.  This is where you harness the board’s energy.  But, the board’s tip and tail are softened up to perfectly match the board’s continuous rocker so you can easily lock into the nastiest of nose presses.

The carbon stringers and the energy ring sidewalls that run 360 degrees around the board work together to help transfer power throughout the entire board as you ride it.  All in all, this gives the Felix its super lively feel and let’s you pop out of presses with little effort.  This thing is bomb-proof and will help take anyone’s cable or winch riding to the next level.  Ditch your old cable board for the new 2015 Byerly Felix.  You won’t regret it.

Bindings – New Improvements for 2015

Don’t worry, the wake manufacturer’s didn’t forget about what makes or breaks our time out on the water, our bindings.  Just like the boards, there are a few things to take note of that will be new for 2015.

Back in 2011, Hyperlite brought in the System setup that utilizes a Boot and a Binding…two separate pieces that work together in perfect unison to give a rider the ultimate transfer of energy and bring the rider closer to the board when compared to a traditional wakeboard binding.  Every year since their inception, the System boots and bindings have continuously become better year after year.  Check ’em out below.

System Bindings

The 2015 models of the System binding from both Hyperlite and Byerly are their best yet.  The top model is the 2015 Hyperlite System binding in Blue/Green.  The model in the middle is the 2015 Hyperlite System Pro in Blue/Red.  The model at the bottom is the 2015 Byerly System Binding, which is exactly like the top pair, but in different colors.  The main difference here between those two and the middle pair is that the System Pro comes with an EVA Foam footbed for added comfort…totally worth it, in my opinion.

Not only do they feature an asymmetrical urethane highback that perfectly fits the contour of your leg while in your riding stance, but the highback is also reinforced in the areas that help drive the best edge control when wakeboarding.  They are also lighter than previous year’s models so you can help shave off unwanted weight on your setup.

The ankle strap has more foam in it to decrease pressure points across your foot and the new toe strap is now a rubberized web mesh that will wrap around the toe-cap of any of the Hyperlite or Byerly System Boots for that perfect fit.  You can choose from either the Marek Boot, Process Boot, AJ Boot, Webb Boot, Brighton Boot, or Byerly Boot and pair any one of those up with any of the three bindings above.  Get your feet into a pair soon and you’ll see what you’ve been missing out on.


Liquid Force also added a new boot to their line.  It’s Daniel Grant’s new pro model boot called the 2015 LF Tao binding.

Liquid Force Tao Boot

This boot can handle Daniel’s insane style, no doubt about that.  You think you can tweak a grab?  Double that and become a boarderline contortionist and that’s where the new 2015 LF Tao boot will let you take your grabs.  Whenever D. Grant performs, whether it be on a wakeskate or at the cable park, he leaves behind a trail of style.  So, take advantage of the Tao Boot’s ultra-lightweight construction, super flexible shell, and patented LF Comfort Liner to ease into a whole new bag of tricks.  Then, go eat two handfuls of candy and chug a Monster Energy Drink like Daniel to celebrate your buying decision!


To round out the boots, I want to bring your attention to Ronix’s new Brain Frame Technology that they’re bringing to the table for 2015.

Ronix Brain Frame Tech

I personally had the opportunity to test a pair out while visiting Radar Lake this August, and they are next level!  Absolutely no pressure points throughout the entire boot and it felt like I had the boots custom made just for me.

Out of the box, the boots fit like a glove and all thanks to the new “Skeleton” infrastructure.  It helps adapt to your foot’s exact shape, making sure you have that one of a kind fit!  You can even take things one step further with all the parts seen in the graphic above being interchangeable, and you can totally dial in a boot to fit your exact needs with loads of aftermarket parts.  It’s like Sonic having over 400,000 different possible Limeade combinations.

You’ll see the new Brain Frame tech in all their boots from the Preston on up in the line, including their new women’s boot, the Limelight.  The Network Boot, District, Divide, Halo, and Luxe will still have Ronix’s standard boot construction.  Just like how Hyperlite changed the game with their System boot and binding combo…you’re going to want to give Ronix a serious look this season when considering a new set of bindings.


Just look at the crazy new 2015 Ronix Frank (Baitmaster) that features Brain Frame tech…

Ronix Frank BaitMaster


Surfers – Most Progressive Shapes…Ever

Let’s be honest, we all like a good change of pace when we’re out there on the boat all day.  Maybe you had a ton of great sets and don’t have enough energy to squeeze in a 4th progression session.  Or, maybe you’re still trying to drain the water out from under your eyelids after your last digger.  Either way, 9 times out of 10 we always find it within us to get in on a soulful surf set!

Thanks largely due to the patented Nautique NSS (aka Nautique Surf System) and the other boat companies that followed suit shortly thereafter, some riders are 100% focused on chasing the perfect run behind a landlocked barrel.  With bigger and better surf wakes becoming more common, naturally more creative and progressive shapes are start making their way into the market.  Here are a few new shapes to take note of and add to your quiver this year.

Liquid Force Surfers Happy Pill and Machine

Pictured on the left is the 2015 Liquid Force Happy Pill, and on the right is the 2015 Liquid Force Machine.  For those of you who enjoy a laid back run, but still like to throw some tail on a super playful shape…take a trip on the Happy Pill and get pitted!  If you are more of an aggressive, technical rider who likes tight lines and drifting in and out of the pocket to boost an air off the lip, you’re going to want to get in on the Machine…”Welcome to the Machine” a little Pink Floyd reference for you guys that are still trippin’ on the Happy Pill.  Haha.

Ronix Koal Longboard

If you liked the idea of the 2015 Liquid Force Happy Pill, but want to dial things back a little further for the most mellow “toes on the noes” type of ride, look no further than the 2015 Ronix Koal Longboard.  Offered up in two sizes, this thing can accommodate any rider.  Throw your hand up as you find the sweet spot on the wave…fold down your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger…and hold your shaka high!

Slingshot Alien Twister

Slingshot came in hot with a nice crossover shape called the 2015 Alien Twister.  It’s got the playfulness of the Happy Pill with the grip and push of a solid thruster shape (notice that swallowtail shape).  This thing will help you find that sweet spot and cruise for days.  Or, challenge yourself to catch a little hang time.  It’s your call.  This thing can do it all, not to mention it’s got a nice little grip on the middle of the right hand side of the board for carrying the board to and from the boat!  GENIUS!

Hyperlite HiFi

Another shape to hone in on is Noah Flegel’s pro model surfer, the 2015 Hyperlite HiFi.

Hyperlite introduced their Dura-Shell construction not too long ago in their surf line, which helps reduce a lot of extra weight in their surfers.  Take that, throw in carbon composite construction and  a full 360 degree ABS sidewall for when you accidentally send your board towards the back of the boat on a spill…and you get this BOMB-PROOF skim-style rip stick.  See if you can’t take a few podium finishes this year like Noah after you hop on your new Hi-Fi!

These aren’t the only shapes that deserve some spotlight time, but just know that there is a board out there for you.  Whether you prefer surf style boards like the Machine or the Alien Twister, skim style boards like the Hi-Fi, or fun shapes like the Happy Pill or Koal Longboard…there is something out there for you and trust that BuyWake.com can help you find the perfect ride for you!

Wakeskates – Stronger and More Dependable

As with the boards, boots, and surfers…we’ve got some new new on the horizon for wakeskates.

Not a lot has changed with wakeskates, but don’t see that as a bad thing.  Some things are just done right, and skates have been top-notch for the past few years in my opinion.  So, here are a few that caught my eye as some of the new product started arriving this fall.


Hands down, the best graphics for this year.

Remote artist Jillian Winkler killed it this year for the Remote guys.  I’m loving their vibe.  One thing that I want to bring up is that the entire line now has one less sheet or “ply” in their construction, so it’s not just the Taylor and Horan skates that are a little lighter than the rest.  The whole line got the ply reduction for a snappier feel and ability to flick for all those insane flip tricks the team is throwing down these days.  Check out what the Remote guys are riding here – 2015 Remote Skates.

Liquid Force Aspect

Here’s another solid winner, the 2015 Liquid Force Aspect.  Both Danny Hampson’s and Aaron Reed’s graphics are super clean.  There’s just something about that great frigatebird on Danny’s board  It just looks peaceful.  It speaks to me.  It’s LF’s iconic bi-level shape in a super clean graphic.  This one is going to be HOT.

Byerly Heritage

This is exactly what I expected from Scott Byerly.  Some really sick artist collab that emulates what a traditional Byerly product should look and feel like.  I think this one is badass.  It makes me want to go take a set and then go watch an episode of FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show.  Well done, sir.  I’m all about this graphic too – the 2015 Byerly Heritage.

Boom. That’s my list of products that you need to keep your eye on in 2015!  These are my perceived bangers that could help take your riding to the next level.  New product is arriving daily so if you don’t see one of these items available right now, check back shortly – we’ll have it up soon!  Hit us up at [email protected] or give us a ring at (800) 709-9253 whenever you are ready.

We got you covered.

– Billy W.

2014 Pro Wakeboard Tour Acworth Georgia

Summer for us is always kicked off with the first stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour at Dallas Landing in Acworth, Georgia.   The Tour always brings out the best in Acworth every year.  It  introduces wakeboarding to people and families.  We have so many people stop by the Ambush and BuyWake.com tent asking our team about ways to get involved in wakeboarding.  The beach and shoreline is filled with all different kinds of people, whether it’s their 5th year in a row being out there to families stumbling across the contest by accident on a random Saturday.  Not only is there a great turn out on the beach, but the city of Acworth puts on an amazing block party in the heart of downtown every year.  They have so much going on into the night with live bands, food and booze stands along with all the restaurants putting on amazing specials.  Each year the city of Acworth throws down a solid job of hosting the first stop of the tour.

This year, unfortunately, the event started off a bit dicey with cool temperatures and scattered rain storms.  Eventually, the bad weather passed and the beach starting filling out with onlookers.  Thankfully, the sun came out so EJ could drive my promo partner, Jami and me out to the floatilla that forms just outside of the contest run area to check out the party.  Once we got out there, it was absolutely crazy!  We started throwing promo packs to all the people on the boats.  In return, they started launching jello shots and beers back at us.  We had BuyWake.com friend and photographer, Andrew Burn, out with us shooting video and snapping pictures.  When the camera was pointed at all the partiers, they went absolutely insane.  Whether it was them pouring liquor all over their faces, to chicks popping things out and dudes jumping after us off the boats, it was as awesome as it could get.

BuyWake.com team rider, Harley Clifford, killed it throughout the contest, but absolutely blew everyone away with his perfectly executed run in the finals against Rusty Malinoski, Tony Carroll, Tony Iacconi, Steel Lafferty, and Shota Tezuka.  Harley scored a 94.67 with Rusty on his heels with a 92.50.  Not only was Harley boosting massive airs with some of the most technical tricks but he was also flawlessly hitting the rails and locking into everything.  It always makes us proud at BuyWake.com to have our rider and friend sitting at the top of the podium.

Andrew Burn captured all of the madness out on the water in his video and I must say, it perfectly displays the pure awesomeness.  Check out the video and some pictures taken by our own Lane Jordan.




Team Hyperlite Delivers Wakeboarding at Bethany Creek Resort in Texas

It’s no secret that the Hyperlite Team shines bright behind the boat. Jimmy Lariche, Rusty Malinoski, and JD Webb all have a history of being “the one’s to watch” when it comes time to pile into the G23. In this short edit shot at Bethany Creek Resort in Texas, the boys leverage their boat skills into this 2 min 40 sec heater full of creative wake tricks. One footers, osmosis tricks, and tons of off the wall invert variations make this edit “favorite worthy”.

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